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There are just a few short weeks to go until summer's official arrival, so it's time to stock your pantry and fridge with all of the tasty ingredients for the foods and drinks that will keep you cool! To start, make sure you listen to our advice on making a delicious smoothie that doesn't lead to a nutritional nightmare.
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It seems easy enough, right? Throw some fruits and vegetables into a blender or juicer and, voila! But there's an art to juicing, and we have advice from two pioneers who say their kitchen concoctions changed their lives, plus some Straight Talk tips.

*OK, just one joke: Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? He ran out of juice!
  Ultra Healthy, Ultra Passionate
At 46, Rich Roll is one of world's top ultradistance endurance athletes and plant-based nutrition advocates. How did he go from being overweight and out of shape to being named one of the world's fittest men? Rich reveals the good and bad of doing a seven-day fruit and vegetable juice cleanse and how it affected his body.
Meet the Father of Juicing
Recognize him from a series of informercials from the 1990s? Now in his late 80s, Jay Kordich believes that raw juices saved his life more than 60 years ago. Spreading the word has become a personal and professional passion but it's not without controversy. See why his very name was taken from him, and why he's not letting any obstacles take him off course.
  Do you even *need* to detox?
One of the reasons people start juicing is they want to clear out the toxins in their bodies -- from stress, junk food and caffeine. But what is the sound science? Growing Bolder's Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Expert Dr. Susan Mitchell has a few warnings about cleanses and detoxes and shares what to took for before making any drastic dietary changes.
Make Sure You Read Your Labels
Do you have allergies? Perhaps you take something to get relief, but watch out! Suzy Cohen, America's Most Trusted Pharmacist, warns that juice and allergy treatments don't always mix so take a minute to see what's OK and what could put you in danger.