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A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Margaret Kohn and told you about her plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, despite having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and takes away a person’s ability to control movement.

It was her second attempt at the summit, but this time she brought her daughter Bronwyn and dedicated the climb to the victims of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting.
An update, in Margaret's own words:
"On February 12th at 7.23am, Bronwyn stood atop Africa's highest peak and the world's highest freestanding peak. There she stood proud to be one of the 50....49 she would leave in peace in the embrace of Kilimanjaro.

For me the mountain peak had rejected me, leaving me at base camp tired and defeated. What it did not take from me was my had only won by a margin; its beauty I know will lure me back. Kilimanjaro did her job, she made me stronger."
Margaret will be posting much more on her blog and Facebook page in the coming weeks, and we'll share those links when they're available.
This is also the 3-year anniversary of another inspiring summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, documented by Growing Bolder Founder Marc Middleton in Conquering Kilimanjaro.
The 16 members of the Kilimanjaro Survivor Summit team were, for the most part, complete strangers before meeting one another just one day before their adventure began. Despite that fact, within hours of meeting one another, they made a stunning decision that, statistically, all but doomed their chance of success. In reality, it was a decision that created a lifelong bond and the opportunity for an even greater success.
The climb included cancer survivors Bree Sandlin, Jeremy Jungling, Doug Ulman and Growing Bolder contributor Wendy Chioji, as well as Growing Bolder Medical Director and passionate cancer advocate Dr. Robert Masson.

Marc documented the adventure in Conquering Kilimanjaro, which premiered to sold-out audiences in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida. The film is now available to rent or purchase as a digital download.
Click here to learn more about the Conquering Kilimanjaro film!
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