Some people seem know exactly what they want to do in life from the moment that they are born. If you’re not one of them, you’re far from alone. Searching for something to be passionate about isn’t always easy. In fact, many have found something they love when they least expected it. Discovering a direction for your life can happen in the most unusual places and the most unexpected ways. But as the two people in this story learned, you have to take a chance before your dreams can take flight.
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In fact, two of the most under-appreciated groups around are birds of prey and the people who dedicate their lives to helping them. Carol McCorkle and her husband changed careers to educate us on the plight of raptors.


Ruben Gonzalez describes himself as having “limited athletic ability,” yet he’s a four-time Winter Olympian. He explains to Growing Bolder why he’s set his sights on a new goal — becoming the oldest Winter Olympian in history at the 2022 Games
Back to the Future and Caroline in the City actress Lea Thompson’s new project is a true family affair. She explains why her family, including her two daughters and husband, decided to collaborate on a film together and how it’s changed their relationships.
It is never too late to start Growing Bolder. But sometimes, you just need a real example (or a few hundred!) to remind you that no matter the odds and no matter how hard the challenge, there is always time to pursue your dreams.

See how one social media post sparked a viral campaign, and then, tell us how you are Growing Bolder.
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"We should tone it down a little bit as we get older but to give up on life dreams and goals is the worst thing a person can do for their mental and physical health," says Dr. Robert Masson.
Dr. Masson, Founder of Masson Spine Institute and Medical Director for Team Growing Bolder, constantly pushes himself and the results have included building a globally renowned Center of Excellence for complex spine surgery and pushing his industry forward in the creation and adoption of new technologies that dramatically improve patient experience and outcome. He's also a spine surgery patient himself who has achieved extreme recovery to lead an active and adventureous life that includes climbing mountains, snow and waterskiing and most recently, racing prototypes on the professional sports car circuit.
Here's what Dr. Masson believes is the secret to success in any endeavor.
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