We are so thankful to each and every one of you who has adopted the Growing Bolder state of mind. Thank you for reading our emails, watching our stories, liking our memes on Facebook and Instagramreading our book and sharing our uplifting, empowering and positive stories with the people in your life who need to be encouraged and inspired that the best is yet to come. Enjoy this special holiday with your friends and loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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When you're home this long holiday weekend, relaxing off that post-Thanksgiving food coma, we encourage you to check your local public broadcasting station's schedule to see if Growing Bolder's Launchpad to What's Next is airing in your town! It's the motivational boost you need to finish the year strong! 

The pick up for our Launchpad program has been amazing the last few days. The list is changing almost hourly but here are the stations that are airing it in the next few days alone. Check it out if you can and support your local public broadcasting station!
• KLCS, Los Angeles, Wednesday 11/27 at 2am, Thursday 11/28 at 11pm, Friday 11/29 at 3am and Saturday 11/30 at 5am

• WETA, Washington, DC, airing Friday 11/29 at 2:30pm; Saturday 11/30 at 12:30pm; Sunday 12/1 at 10:30am
Iowa Public TV/IPTV, airing Saturday 11/30 at 9:30am

• KCPT, Kansas City, airing Saturday 11/30 at 12:30pm and Sunday 12/1 at 4:30am

• KOPB OPB, Portland, Oregon, airing Saturday 11/30 at 12pm
KAWB/KAWE, Minneapolis/Bemidji, airing Saturday 11/30 at 2 pm, Sunday 12/1 at 4:30 pm

• KWCM, Minneapolis/Appleton, airing Saturday 11/30 at 3:30pm
New Hampshire PTV, airing Saturday 11/30 at 11am
WOUB, Athens, Ohio, airing Saturday 11/30 at 5:30pm

• WMVS/MPTV, Milwaukee, airing Saturday 11/30 at 7am

• WXEL, West Palm Beach, airing Saturday 11/30 at 12:30pm

• WRET SCETV, South Carolina and North Carolina, airing Saturday 11/30 at 9am (SC Channel), 4:30pm (ETV World), 3pm (ETV-HD); and Sunday, 12/1 at 8am (ETV-HD)
KENW, Albuquerque, Santa FE, airing Saturday 11/30 at 3pm
WNED, Buffalo, NY, airing Saturday 11/30 at 2pm
Arkansas ETV/AETN, Conway, airing Saturday 11/30 at 2pm
WNEO, Cleveland, airing Saturday 11/30 at 9 am
KVIE, Sacramento, airing Saturday 11/30 at 8 am
KETC, St. Louis, airing Saturday 11/30 at 2 pm
WIPB, Indianapolis, airing Saturday 11/30 at 5:30 pm
KLRU, Austin, airing Saturday 11/30 at 12:30 pm

• WYIN/Lakeshore PTV, Merrillville, IN, airing Sunday 12/1 at 5 pm
WHYY, Philadelphia, airing Sunday 12/1 at 11 am and Monday 12/2 at 12am
WMPT, Baltimore, airing Sunday 12/1 at 9:30am and 3:30pm (MPT2)
WTTW, Chicago, airing Sunday 12/1 at 10am
WPBT, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, airing Sunday 12/1 at 10am

• WLRN, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, airing Sunday 12/1 at 8:30 am
WNPT, Nashville, airing Sunday 12/1 at 10:30pm
KQED, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, airing Sunday 12/1 at 11am

• KPJK, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, airing Sunday 12/1 at 8 am and Monday 12/2 at 7 pm
WKMJ, Louisville, KY, airing Sunday, 12/1 at 4am and 9am
WGVU, Grand Rapids, airing Sunday 12/1 at 12 pm

• WGTV GPB, Atlanta, airing Monday 12/2 at 4 am

In the coming weeks, Launchpad to What's Next will also be airing on WMPT (Baltimore); WTTW (Chicago); WPBT (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale); WUCF (Orlando); KQED (San Francisco); WGBH (Boston); and WNET (New York City). Keep checking for for specific days/times in the weeks ahead!
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