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Forgive us the pun, will you? After all, it's Easter Sunday. But we do have something very serious and incredibly inspirational to share. It's the story of a couple who is making Easter a bit more magical for children and families who are battling serious health issues.

Several years ago, Eleanor Meiner wanted to help her husband, Sam, remember some of the magic of his childhood Easters. She rented a bunny suit, grabbed a bunch of stuffed bunnies and headed for a local children’s hospital. After seeing how much of an impact those simple toys had on children who were stuck in the hospital for the holidays, they knew they could — and had to — do more.

Now, each year, they ship 15,000 hospital-certified bunnies to children’s hospitals and pediatric wards in the U.S., Canada and England, enlisting the help of local sheriff’s deputies to deliver the bunnies. Find out how their nonprofit Easter Bunny Foundation is changing lives, starting with their own.
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There are so many things to look forward to when you are Growing Bolder. After all, we say that what your mind believes, your body can achieve, and whether that’s getting into (or back into!) your favorite activity through Masters Sports, traveling the world and doing everything on your bucket list or just sticking close to home and pursuing your passions, every day is an opportunity to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

But focusing on the positives does not mean you can ignore the more challenging facts of life, and here’s a big one. At some point, we will all face our own mortality. And it will happen whether we’re ready or not.

That’s why we’re teaming up with our partners at The Conversation Project to spread the word about National Healthcare Decisions Day (TODAY!) and a week’s worth of special events and information to help make it easier to discuss and create a healthcare plan, starting with how to pick a health care proxy.
Click here to learn more about National Healthcare Decisions Day.
We also want to send our congratulations to Dr. Robert Masson, Growing Bolder's Medical Director, and his son Kyle Masson, who are in the headlines.

Dr. Masson is renowned for many things, and he inspires all around him to live life to its fullest, to pursue passion and purpose and to always keep Growing Bolder. Now, that is leading to what may be one of the most unusual and inspiring story in all of motorsports. Click here to watch our day at the track!
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