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We're wishing you a happy, healthy and safe Fourth of July. Before you head out for the fireworks and barbecues, we hope you'll take a few minutes to enjoy the stories below. You'll meet some uniquely American characters who urge you to honor and appreciate your freedom to be bold. Enjoy the Fourth!
  The Gun Totin', Flag Wavin' Patriot
In 2007, we introduced the world to Rachel Veitch and her beloved car Chariot. That story has now been watched more than 12 million times, making it our most popular story ever. Over the years, we've visited with Rachel and Chariot many times, and in honor of Independence Day, Rachel explains what she loves most about America and what freedom means to her. Here's a hint: even though she's in her 90s, criminals shouldn't mess with her!
Still Proud to Be an American?
Chances are, you'll hear "God Bless the USA" this week. Singer and songwriter Lee Greenwood is the man behind the most stirring patriotic song of our generation, and he says he's more focused than ever on the state of our country. In his book, "Does God Still Bless the USA?" Lee says he knows exactly what America needs right now. He reveals his plea to all Americans.
  What's Your American Story?
Over the past 40 years, NBC journalist Bob Dotson has logged more than 4 million miles searching the country to tell the American story. In an era when the news excels at covering the worst in humanity, he explains how he manages to find the good -- and get it on the air. Find out the famous photo that launched this career path and what he's learned about our true American values.
Do You Still Fear the Water?
Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie "Jaws" was the first summer blockbuster and it terrified a generation of beachgoers. Just when those swimmers thought they were over the trauma of the world's most persistent killer shark, the eccentric Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer challenged them to join him for a unique summer celebration -- watching "Jaws" then jumping into the lake behind his house for a midnight swim. Would they brave the dark water? Would they conquer their fears? Da-Dum. Da-da-Da-Dum!