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After five hard weeks of nausea, fatigue, thinning hair and painful swallowing, today is the day Growing Bolder's Wendy Chioji has been eagerly anticipating -- it's her final day of radiation! She finished up her chemo last week. The treatment is to battle what she calls Cancer II -- thymic carcinoma. Wendy, a 12-year breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed with the rare and fast-growing cancer earlier this fall and has been fighting like hell ever since. We traveled to her home in Park City, Utah, to get an update from her and as you'll see, she's more convinced than ever that a powerful and positive attitude is the best medicine and she's incredibly thankful during this week of gratitude for your support and well wishes. Click here to watch Wendy's story.

In Wendy's interview, she mentions her one big goal during treatment -- to stay strong enough to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in February with other cancer survivors. Guess who's going with her? Growing Bolder's Marc Middleton! In a new blog post, he explains the mission of the climb and how our team used his own words and Growing Bolder's own philosophy back at him to encourage him to take this bold trip of a lifetime! Click here to read Marc's blog and find out how you can help save lives.
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What do you do when the one thing you love most is the one thing everyone tells you not to do? As a teenager, Karen Putz lost her hearing while barefoot water skiing, and for a while, stayed on dry land. More than 25 years passed, but her desire to get her feet back on the water went away. See how her passion and drive changed her life and inspired people all over the world, when you tune in to WKMG Local 6 on Friday, December 6 at 9 p.m. for Surviving & Thriving, presented by MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando.