MAY 29, 2020  |  issue 644
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Melissa Etheridge: Fierce and Fearless
Melissa Etheridge is a great songwriter and someone who has all the tools for success, but the ingredient she’s best known and respected for is her courage in taking risk. She provides GB with a pep talk for living a truthful and honest life. 
Acoustics in the Canyon
If you’re missing traveling right now then this is the article for you. You’ll get such a detailed look into Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre that you’ll feel like you’re right there — all without leaving home.
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The Arts Connection to Our Wellbeing
Have you turned to the arts during this pandemic? The arts can play a crucial role in making many of us feel better. Joshua Vickery of CFC Arts offers encouragement for tapping into your creative side.
The Comeback Queen
Jamieson Thomson Thomas is in the midst of two major comebacks. See how this national champion rower is battling her way back from injury and, at the same time, forging a new career as a fine artist.
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