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Today is a day to celebrate all of the incredible women who have impacted our lives in positive ways -- from mothers to grandmothers; from blood relatives to those who just feel as if they are family. Today, we offer these ideas for showering your favorite females with love (and good health!).
  Show Her She's Egg-cellent
It's a special day, and you can make her a special treat! Eggs can be a delicious and yes, healthy, part of your meals. From omelets to frittatas (check out this delicious veggie-filled version!), we have the Straight Talk about eating eggs that the whole family will appreciate.
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos   How About Some Chocolate?
Calories don't count on holidays, right? Well, Dr. Mitchell can't guarantee that's true BUT she can make it a little easier for Mom to say yes to a sweet treat on Sunday. See why a little goes a long way, which types are the best and get a few reasons why chocolate is an important part of a deliciously healthy diet.
  Jars of Love
Who wouldn't want to wake up to homemade brunch served in bed? Lifestyle expert Mindy Kobrin has several delicious recipes that will help restore your favorite woman's glow and feed her soul, and you'll get all the credit for showing her how much you care! From white peach sangria to a granola parfait, Mindy has tips for making a gift that will make mom's day.
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