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We were honored to welcome Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and The Byrds' co-founder Roger McGuinn to the Growing Bolder set. He joins us for the entire episode, to discuss the history of rock, his five-decade career and his new DVD featuring interviews with artists like Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen and Joan Baez. Click here to rock out with Roger!
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  Live a Life of Significance
If you're looking to shake things up in your life, here's a question to ask yourself: what are you looking for, success or significance? They can take you in vastly different directions. Dan Clark is the author of "The Art of Significance," and in it, he defines the difference between the two and explains how to make meaningful changes in your life. Click here to watch our interview.
Heal Yourself With Food
It's becoming more and more obvious all the time the best advocate for your health is YOU. For years, Mee Tracy McCormick suffered from a debilitating autoimmune disease that left her emaciated. She joins us via Skype to explain how she found the cure in the kitchen. Click here to watch our conversation and get her advice for discovering ways to stay well, nourished and strong.
  How to Be Happy
Will Bowen led the global complaint-free movement and now he's on a new mission: teaching you how to get happy. Find out what he's learned from other happy people and how you can work on it the same way you work on your fitness. Click here to watch our Skype conversation and find out how he now defines happiness based on his interviews with self-described happy people. 
Small Changes, Big Results
Can we agree that pretty much ALL of us need to exercise more? We also need to lose weight, eat smarter and be healthier. We know it, so why is it so tough? Lisa Lynn is one of the hottest fitness and nutrition experts in the country today and she's sharing her tips for small changes that make a big difference. Click here to watch our conversation.
  Jumping to Smash Stereotypes
What lengths would you go to to follow your dreams? Maybe a better question is -- are you ready to take a leap? A big one? Secily Wilson has the story of the daring dive one woman took that we think will inspire you. Click here to see why this 64-year-old traveled to Nepal to make one of the world's highest bungee jumps.
Don't Let Labels Define You
If you're retired, you're no longer defined by your job. If you’re an empty nester, your children no longer define you. If you’re widowed or divorced, your spouse no longer defines you. Labels can be a dangerous thing, but Wendy Chioji will show you how to break away from stereotypes and pursue your true passion. Click here to watch.