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Sometimes, it just seems too overwhelming to change your life. You KNOW you should exercise more, eat better, get control of your finances and stop and smell the roses, but who has time for all of that? We know how busy you are and how hard you work to survive your day-to-day life, but we also want to help you THRIVE every day. That's why we've created Growing Bolder Minutes. Each of the videos below is just one minute long. Give us 60 seconds, and we'll change your life.
  Run Toward Your Future

Get out. Do stuff. Rejuvenate yourself. Those are the goals Ann Kahl now lives by, but it took her most of her life to start living boldly. See how the 80-year-old finally learned to forget about all the "you can'ts" she heard growing up and started listening to her own voice -- yes, you can.
See the Sights

Do you put life on hold -- sabotaging your plans before you can ever really start to make them? Travel expert Gary McKechnie says nothing, not a small budget or time crunch, should stop you from seeing the sights. Be creative and you'll experience things you never could if you just sat at home. Get his tips.
  Just Get Started

Are you waiting for your life's purpose to find you? Why not go find it? Olympic gold medalist and orthopedic surgeon Dot Richardson, M.D., says the key is to believe in yourself and to chase what you like. If you're not good at it or you don't have experience, don't let the doubts scare you away.
Get Your Money Ready for Retirement

Have you left your job or retirement plan behind? Do you have more than one stray 401k? How about a handful of IRAs that you've collected over the years? It may be time to pull all those loose ends together. Certified financial planner practitioner Joe Bert offers a simple plan to get your investments ready for retirement.
  Stretch To Your Health

Stretching is an important part of any workout or rehab program, but people are often confused about when they should stretch and for how long. Physical therapist Tiffany Wasson, DPT, explains the basics of stretching to keep you healthy.