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Growing Bolder TV is now available on commercial cable networks across America, and coming in September, we'll be expanding into major markets including Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver. You can find us on networks including BizTV, Charter TV 3, Punch TV and more, and we're working on providing a complete online schedule so you know when to tune in and get inspired. Thanks for your support, your patience and as always, for Growing Bolder.

This week, as we mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, it seems especially appropriate to share the incredible story of Val Demings, who rose up through racism, segregation, sexism and more to become one of America's top leaders. She sat down on the new Growing Bolder TV Show recently to talk to us about her career, her plans for the future and why she's so proud of the work she's done to break barriers and make the world a better place.
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  Growing Bolder's Big Move!
When you have a dream, you'll go to any lengths -- or travel many miles -- to get to your destination. Even if there are a few pit stops along the way. In six years, Growing Bolder has moved its offices six times, all to chase exciting new opportunities, and this one is no different. We recently packed up, moved across town and opened up a new headquarters that will let us better serve you.
What's your dream?
Even if your dream is something from your childhood that you thought you should set aside, see why it's never too late to pursue those passions. On this week's Growing Bolder Radio Show, we talk to some incredible role models including musician Liberty DeVitto, comedian Marilyn Kentz and Broadway veteran Lauren Class Schneider.
  Cutting-Edge New Procedure for Back Pain
We're thrilled to share some big news from our friends and partners at Neurospine Institute. The FDA has just approved a new procedure (Dual Level Implant Mobi-C Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement) which can help patients who suffer from debilitating back problems. Dr. Robert Masson is one of the first -- and only -- surgeons in North America to offer the treatment and you can learn more at
What a Win!
We want to send our congratulations to GB Magazine cover boy Hunter Kemper. Hunter won the 31st Chicago Triathlon on Sunday, taking the lead with a strong closing kick in the final 300 yards. Hunter is trying to become the first five-time Olympic Triathlete in history, at the age of 40. If you missed our revealing feature story on one of America's greatest athletes and all-around good guys, you can read it here.