For some people, lightning strikes at a young age and they know exactly what career or passions they want to pursue for the rest of their lives. For most of us, though, our paths are filled with a lot of trial and error. This is the story of a man who tried this and tried that, but nothing satisfied his soul, until he picked up a camera.

Even discovering a talent and path forward wasn’t enough to give his life purpose. Then one day, he snapped his first photograph of a lightning strike bolting across the sky and it immediately brought his life into focus. He was hooked and the Lightning Stalker was born.

There's just something powerful and awe-inspiring about a summer lightning storm. David O. Stillings shows you the power of nature in a whole new light, and he reveals to us how he's combined his passion for photography with poetry into an electrifying life.
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David isn't the only one to find his life's true calling behind a camera. With easy access to cameras, whether it's the one on your phone or affordable digital cameras, more and more people are launching photography careers -- sometimes after spending decades in other fields. Below you'll meet others who are tapping into their creativity and working into the so-called "retirement" years at something they truly love and gives them strength, vitality and engagement in life. 
After retiring from a distinguished academic career, Alex Rotas reinvented herself as a photographer, despite knowing next-to-nothing about it. Today, she’s one of the top masters sports photographers. She reveals why it's so important to be a beginner.
Taylor Lockwood specializes in mushroom photography! He hopes once you see his work, you’ll see fungi in a whole new light. Find out how he went from an aspiring musician to the rock star of the mushroom world. What a long, strange trip it’s been.
As the examples above show, our lives are becoming increasingly non-linear with respect to major life events. We can go to school, change careers, start a new business or pursue a new relationship at any age. So, what’s holding you back? In this 60 Second Soapbox, Growing Bolder Founder/CEO Marc Middleton offers tips to help you gear up for what’s next.
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