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Surviving & Thriving

One of our big initiatives in 2015 was to bring you new voices in Growing Bolder. We promised to keep searching out the men and women who prove it's not about age; it's about attitude, and who lead the way as role models.

We're very proud to announce that our Team GB Elite blogging group is bigger, bolder and better than ever, thanks to some new members and some long-time writers who are opening up with personal stories, all delivering hope, inspiration and possibility.

Two of our bloggers, in particular, are leading our Surviving & Thriving initiative. Both cancer survivors, these women have different but equally powerful perspectives on living with and battling the disease that touches every family in the world. Thank you for reading and sharing their messages.
  Wendy Chioji: One Goal 
Continuing to battle cancer, despite some major setbacks, Wendy is not slowing down. Recently, she joined Pelotonia, a bike riding weekend that raises money for cancer research:

"It was a powerful weekend. I felt like I was part of something huge and unstoppable. I felt like I was riding with a new purpose, as folks on the side of the road shouted their thanks that I was riding."

Learn more about Wendy and her tireless commitment to bringing hope and awareness to all cancer causes at wendy.growingbolder.com.
Amy Accardi: Take a Bite Out of Life
Amy is a recent breast cancer survivor with a special message:

"I come to you not as an expert like the other fine folks of Growing Bolder but as a friend and fellow dream finder. Simply put, I want the best life for myself and everyone else who has that gnawing feeling that more is out there but isn’t sure of the exact next steps. Together, let’s get on out there and start living, adapting and growing a life we relish."

She's gotten off to a great start! Meet Amy at amy.growingbolder.com.
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