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We're pretty excited at the early reviews!

Hi Bolders! As many of you noticed, we have recently upgraded to a brand new, custom-built, super fancy and pretty fabulous new email delivery system. This means that every week, you'll get even more great content from Growing Bolder -- including new videos, radio show interviews, blog posts, exciting announcements and more.

In fact, as Insiders, you're getting a sneak peek at a major redesign that's coming soon to our entire network of websites, including http://GrowingBolder.com.

We are absolutely amazed and thankful for some of the kind messages you sent us after receiving Volume 201:

  • Kelly: Much better look on the email newsletter!! Much easier to navigate!
  • Sherrie: Much better-much more clean and modern. Congrats!
  • Theresa: Bravo! For you and the new format. You have taken it from "ho-Hum" to "Yes!!!".  It is easier to select the articles I want to read and it also makes those articles more appealing.  ...I find that I want to save - and savor - more articles by coming back later until I read it all.  Many thanks for your inspired changes.
  • Kathy: Love the new look!!  Keep up the good work!!

And we're excited to bring you even more great upgrades in the coming weeks!

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Thanks so much from the bottoms of our hearts -- for Growing Bolder, and for supporting us as we grow bolder as a company.


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