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This week, it seemed everyone was looking Back to the Future, thanks to a special moment in a hit 1989 movie (the day Marty and Doc traveled to 30 years in the future in Back to the Future 2).

The movie got a lot of things surprisingly right about 2015. While we are still waiting on our flying cars, there is one car that has withstood the test of the time: the DeLorean. Find out why this car still captures the imaginations of people across the world, and wait until you hear about its fascinating history.

Ever wonder what happened to the original Jennifer Parker in the Back to the Future franchise?

Claudia Wells, who played Marty McFly's girlfriend in the first movie, reveals the life-altering event that not only nearly killed her career, it nearly took her life. She explains how neurosurgeon Robert Masson, M.D., of the Neurospine Institute (and a regular contributor to Growing Bolder TV, Radio and Magazine) helped her get back to her future.  
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