Once upon a time, Margo Champion did was she was “supposed” to do. She had a great, well-paying job in a corporate art department, yet she couldn’t help feeling like something was missing in her life. The self-described shy woman fell in love with yoga and decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training program, without any intention of ever leading a class. But something funny happened — as her personal fulfillment increased, she grew more confident.

She tells us how it led to her not only quitting her full-time “safe” job to open her own yoga studio, but it’s also led her to a dream career she never could have imagined — teaching yoga to children. She invites us into one of her classes, revealing how yoga not only gave her purpose, it is also dramatically changing the lives of her youngest students.

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Janice Lennard is the poster child for the benefits of staying active as we age, and has been involved with ballet, yoga and Pilates for more than 65 years. See why Janice is living proof that it’s never too late to move and stretch your body beyond what you think is possible.
You probably know Diamond Dallas Page as one of the true legends of professional wrestling. But these days, he’s a motivational speaker, a nutrition expert, a fitness guru and founder of DDP Yoga, a unique program responsible for some pretty amazing results.
One of the keys to Growing Bolder is making the health-wealth connection, and integrating fitness and wellbeing into daily life. That's why we included it when we looked at the best residential communities in the country. Here's what we found.
For years, Dana Falsetti battled binge eating, fad diets, “fat camps” and bouts of depression and anxiety. Now she is a plus-size yogi, a magazine cover girl, a social media star and a great inspiration to many people across the world.


Studies show that a regular yoga practice can slow or even reverse the physical aging process, and reduce the harmful effects of stress at the cellular level. How cool is that? One recent study found that 12 weeks of yoga lowered measures of inflammation in the body and may even reverse the harmful effects of depression. So, get out there and go with the flow! Ommmmmm.


Nearly 50 years after releasing its first album, Aerosmith continues to rock! The band has announced that it will play 18 shows in Las Vegas in 2019, taking up residency in April, June and July.

The residency will be called “Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild” and will be featured at the Park Theater, according to lead singer Steven Tyler. All members of Aerosmith are in their 60s or 70s and say this residency will include a showcase of the band’s history and its five decades in action!

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