Wendy is a fighter. She always has been and she'll continue to be, no matter how many challenges she faces.

But she's also a realist. And that's why, despite the fact that it's hard to read -- especially and personally painful for those who know and love her, or who have come to feel as though they know her through her decades of media appearances, philanthropic efforts, travel and more -- we encourage you to take some time today and read Wendy's latest Growing Bolder essay.

It pulls no punches (excuse the pun) when it comes to her health, her future, end-of-life issues that we'll all face and her experiences as she battles thymic carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

"We're All Going to Die" is a journey through ambulance rides, hospital stays, painful and uncomfortable treatments and more. But it's also the story of hope, and faith and the power of choosing to DEFY expectations.

Here's a short excerpt:
I think about death all the time. But not in a creepy horror movie way. I know it’s closer to me than it is to most people (although yes, Mom. someone could be hit by a bus and die first. But truly, who was the last person you know who was hit by a bus?)

I am accepting of death. but this is the first time I have thought of it as a real thing for myself (except that time when we were sledding down Redgate Drive and I was headed straight under a car, but Timmy Tilburg pulled my runner at the last minute and saved me. I think he was disappointed to have averted carnage.)

Anyway, it never crossed my mind that my own death could be a.. well, a violent one as would have happened this week. I figured I would do like my friend, Stuart Scott, and train with a trainer, and write most of a book, and produce your own memorial service (where you took my Sister Hazel idea), and fade away, but NOT fade away.

I’m still not afraid of death, but this week presented a whole different dimension that I hadn’t considered. I threw something out into the universe, and I’m not sure what the return message was, besides scary. 
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This week, we're also paying tribute to the beautiful life of Beck Sandlin. Many of you fell in love with Beck, his parents Bree and Stephen and his twin brother Elliott in our story "The Power of Love."

Beck passed away peacefully on March 13, surrounded by family, at the age of 11. Beck had severe Cerebral Palsy that left him with the inability to control his muscles. Most of his life he was in a wheelchair, tube-fed, and nonverbal. But as his father Stephen shared, "the magic of Beck was found in never letting those disabilities define him."

The Sandlins' story is featured in Growing Bolder's documentary film Conquering Kilimanjaro, which documents the incredible summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro made by 16 cancer survivors (including Wendy Chioji and Bree) and advocates including Growing Bolder founder and CEO Marc Middleton and Growing Bolder Medical Director Dr. Robert Masson.

The Sandlin family has set up a GoFundMe page with more information. For more, visit https://www.gofundme.com/becksandlin.


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