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A TV icon and a YouTube sensation at 90, Dick Van Dyke says the secret to his longevity is to never stay still. We're thrilled to feature his life-changing and potentially life-saving message in the new issue of Growing Bolder Magazine. Click here to read our cover story on this beloved entertainer and find out why he's passionate about changing the conversation surrounding aging.

In fact, the entire issue is largely inspired by Van Dyke's commitment to health and wellness, and it features tips, inspiration and advice for making 2016 the year you commit to the most important project of all -- YOU! See below for more stories to help you on your path to wellness. 

The new issue of Growing Bolder Magazine is now available at select Walgreens throughout Florida and you can subscribe today for home delivery. Make 2016 the year that changes the rest of your life. 

Speaking of getting moving, we proudly present ...  

Growing Bolder is joining forces with Track Shack, one of the nation's premier race-management and running retailers, to encourage, support, develop and provide opportunities for runners and walkers 50 and over. Click here to learn more about Team Growing Bolder and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!
  5 Questions With Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin is the only child of one of the most brilliant entertainers of our time, George Carlin. In her book, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George, she writes about being raised in a house of addiction, conflict and love and about the search for her own identity. She answers Growing Bolder's 5 Questions about her childhood, which she once thought was unusual but now realizes is typically American. Click here to read.
Never Too Late

Charles Eugster may very well be the fittest man alive over the age of 90. He holds several age-group world records in Masters sports, and at 96, this retired dentist is on a mission: to change the world by changing what he calls our "faulty" perceptions of aging. Click here to find out why he believes you can start something new at any age. Learn how he's living proof.
  Photo credit: Terri Potoczna
  Nutrition Plays Critical Role in Healing

If you're facing a surgical procedure this year, have you started thinking about your nutritional plan? Dietitians and physicians agree that your diet is one of the most important factors in how you recover. Two nutritionists from Health Central Hospital offer their expert tips for making your meals matter. Click here to read their advice.
Med School Dean Walking the Walk

This is a time of great change in our healthcare system. One of the most positive changes for both patients and medical professionals is a focus on prevention. One of the leaders in this movement is Deborah German, M.D., the founding dean of the UCF College of Medicine. Click here to learn about this shift in teaching and how she's helping everyone from her students to her 87-year-old father discover joy in movement.
  Embracing the Journey of Life

Robert Masson, M.D., is a word-renowned neurosurgeon and committed to helping his patients live big, bold lives, especially after injury or illness. When he was told he was being honored for his work by Cornerstone Hospice, he was taken aback. Then he realized his message is perfectly aligned with hospice. Click here to find out how this event, plus the opening of his new office in Park City, Utah, are his latest steps toward inspiring others to live boldly.
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