What role does faith play in your life, and how does it shape your choices? Take the newest installment of the Growing Bolder Boomer Interests Survey.
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Boomer Interests Survey

Does spirituality increase or decrease as we age?

Thanks so much to the hundreds of you who have taken part in the first, second and third installments of the 2012 Boomer Interests Survey. This time around, we want to know how you feel about faith, religion and spirituality. Does organized religion play a role in your daily life? Does spirituality impact your choices? What does "belief" mean to you and how have your feelings changed over the last few decades? It takes only a minute or two to complete and you'll be taking part in a project that we think will change the way the world looks at 50+.

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What is the 2012 Growing Bolder Boomer Interests Survey? Over the next few months, we're going to ask you to weigh in on everything from your love life to your family to your money -- and share some of your thoughts on what the future holds. All answers are confidential, and will be used to shed light on the way that the 50+ population feels about everything from family to career to travel and more. We hope you'll consider taking one or many of these surveys!

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