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"Surviving & Thriving" returns this week with a powerful one-hour episode showcasing stories of hope. It's hosted by Wendy Chioji, a breast cancer survivor and Ironman triathlete, with contributing reports from Growing Bolder's Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer and WKMG Local 6's Lisa Bell and Gaard Swanson. Presented by MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando, "Surviving & Thriving" shines a spotlight on those overcoming obstacles, whether it's three different cancer diagnoses or the loss of a spouse, and shows how it's possible to keep moving forward. In some cases, cancer may even be a life-saving blessing in disguise. Learn more below about the men, women and children you'll meet in this hour.

We also have an exciting new feature available for this show. If you don't live in Florida, we will be livestreaming the entire hour of "Surviving & Thriving," at 8 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 13. Plus, the show's hosts will be available to answer your questions and chat live with you during the broadcast! Just click here to enjoy the show! You will need a free account if you want to chat with our hosts and other viewers (note: you do not need one to watch the broadcast). We've put together a simple-to-follow FAQ sheet with additional details. Click here to learn more


  A Twist of Fate
It’s hard to say that cancer is ever a GOOD thing but time after time, people say in many ways, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. That was certainly the case for Benjamin Irish, a young boy whose cancer battle led to the discovery of a life-threatening heart condition. Click here to watch a preview of Ben's story.
Peaks and Valleys
After battling three types of cancer over the past seven years, John Casterline is proof that there is always hope, no matter what the statistics may tell you. He explains how he conquered his cancer and Mother Nature at the same time. Click here to watch a preview of his story.
  The Power of One
Talia Castellano captured the hearts of everyone who came into contact with her, from her millions of YouTube fans to some of the biggest rock stars in the world. Her look caught our eyes while her courage won our hearts. She also taught us the power of one. Click here to watch a preview of Talia's story.
The Iron Nun
Competing in triathlon and running marathons has given Sister Madonna Buder a unique platform to spread her message of hope and inspiration. She is the real deal. A bonafide superstar who proves the power of passion and persistence. Click here to watch a preview of her story.
  The Power of Art to Heal
What can lead to less pain, fewer drugs, and an enjoyable and therapeutic experience during a challenging time? Get out your paint brushes and discover how art may be just what the doctor prescribed. Click here to watch a preview of this story.