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Last week, we kicked off our countdown of the year's Top 13 Growing Bolder Stories of 2013. Click here if you missed numbers 13-7. This week, we're sharing the top 6 stories of the year! As you'll see in the stories below, life isn't always easy and it certainly doesn't always have a happy ending. But it's how we approach these challenges that counts. How will you be remembered? As someone who really lived?

Get inspired by the men, women and children below who live boldly, fearlessly and with a passion that knows no bounds. We hope in 2014, you'll be inspired to live a life of purpose and passion.

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  6. Hockey Announcer Thrives at 86
Sixty years after taking the job, until a "real" one came along, Bob Chase is still calling every hockey game for the Fort Wayne Komets. Find out what he's learned about pursuing your passions and why he'll never retire. Click here to watch Bob's story.
5. Harriett's Closet
This is a rare and exclusive look inside one of the most incredible closets in the world. It belongs to 91-year-old philanthropist Harriett Lake, and she is unlike anyone else you've ever met. Find out why fashion inspires her more now than ever. Click here to watch Harriett's story.
  4. Talia's Lasting Legacy
Talia Joy Castellano touched the lives of everyone she came into contact with, from her millions of YouTube fans to some of the biggest rock stars in the world. We look back on her remarkable legacy and explain how you can keep her dreams alive. Click here to watch our tribute to Talia.
3. Wendy's New Battle
Twelve years ago, Growing Bolder's Wendy Chioji fought a very public battle against breast cancer. In the fall of 2013, she was diagnosed with a second, unrelated cancer. Find out why this new diagnosis was a huge wake-up call for her, and she reveals the one step she credits with saving her life. Click here to listen to Wendy candidly describe this new battle ahead of her.
  2. The Power of Positivity
After five hard weeks of nausea, fatigue, thinning hair and painful swallowing, the day GB's Wendy Chioji has been eagerly anticipating has arrived: she's finished with her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Find out her special message for you. Click here for Wendy's update.
1. This Is What We Do
It's perhaps fitting that our most-viewed video of the year is our calling card to the world. With a multitude of shows and projects, we're often asked "What is Growing Bolder?" Rather than tell you, this year, we produced a video to SHOW you. It sums up Bolder Broadcasting and the Growing Bolder brand ... for now. Click here to get an inside look at some of the projects we're working on these days!