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Tim Caso has spent nearly five decades in the fitness world. So you might ask -- "What does he know about starting from scratch? How can he understand my struggles and the obstacles I have to overcome on my own journey to health and wellness?" Sure, he's trained as a competitive weight lifter. And yes, he's had incredible success. But that's not Tim's entire story.
Tim suffered a catastrophic injury in one of his workouts, tearing both quadricp tendons and watching his life change in an instant. An ambulance ride to the hospital led to emergency surgery and nearly two weeks in recovery before he was able to head home. But the journey didn't end there. Tim had had to learn how to walk all over again, enduring difficult physical therapy and rehabilitation. He couldn't drive, needed family members to help with even basic tasks and there was no guarantee that he'd fully recovery from the devastation. But Tim never gave up, and his message is that you don't have to, either.
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Growing Bolder recently took part in the Lake Nona Impact Forum, a unique annual event that attracts the biggest and brightest minds in healthcare, technology, wellness and fitness. And that's not all.
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Ben Beach, now 67, is the first person to complete 50 consecutive Boston Marathons (and by the way, he completed this one in 5:01:26, which qualifies him to run #51 in 2018 if he chooses!).
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