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Growing Bolder Nutrition

Doesn't it always seem we're being told what NOT to eat? When did food become a four-letter word? The experts below want you to stop avoiding certain foods and focus on embracing delicious, nutritious REAL FOOD. You already know that the food you eat on a daily basis affects your waistline, but have you ever considered what it's doing to the rest of your body? Not only can avoiding certain foods make you healthier, adding specific foods to our everyday diets can actually reverse the effects of certain diseases and conditions. Listen to these interviews and learn how you can stop looking at food as a curse and start seeing it as the cure. Bon appétit!
  The Crazy Sexy Cancer Diet
In 2003, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare, incurable stage IV cancer. She began experimenting with her lifestyle, especially her diet, eventually spawning a movement built around the idea of combining western medicine and alternative methods to not only prevent cancer but minimize its effects. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW her blueprint for living is helping people across the world, whether they have cancer or not.
The Nutrition-Based Cure for Heart Disease
Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., is one of the world's most respected surgeons and researchers, and he says he has irrefutable proof that a cure exists for heart disease, this nation's No. 1 killer. He explains how everyone can prevent it and even the most ill patients can reverse it. CLICK HERE TO LEARN how to swap foods that are destroying you for those that can save you.
  Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally
Have you had your bloodwork done lately? If you're 45 or older, chances are, your cholesterol is high, but registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell says there's a lot you can do about it. She reveals the foods that can lower your cholesterol levels naturally and keep you off medications. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT why it's so important to your health to get your cholesterol in check.
Power Food for the Brain
Can Alzheimer's be cured by the foods you eat (or don't eat)? Neal Barnard, M.D., a leading advocate for good nutrition and using nutritional intervention to cure whatever ails us, offers tips to boost your brain health with power foods. CLICK HERE FOR HIS SPECIFIC TIPS and to find out how the tools you use to cook affect your brain cells.
  The Anti-Inflammation Diet
Andrew Weil, M.D., one of the pioneers in the field of natural and integrative medicine, explains how chronic inflammation could be putting you at risk for long-term, serious health problems. The good news is you can stop and reverse this with the food you choose. Weil says one of the biggest challenges to eating better is to convince people that eating food that's delicious and good for you are the same thing. CLICK HERE FOR HIS TIPS TO GET STARTED.