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Growing Bolder Nutrition

Marilu Henner was one of the earliest and loudest celebrities advocating for people to take charge or their own health. Both of her parents lost their lives at a young age -- her father died of a massive heart attack in his early 50s and her mother died of arthritis at 58. Marilu knew her habit of yo-yo dieting and not taking care of herself properly wasn't going to cut it. So she became a student of health and the human body. She shares what she's learned from nearly 40 years of experimenting on herself and offers tips that can even help you learn to recognize red flags in your past that could lead to bad decisions.

  The Anti-Cancer Diet
Can a proper lifestyle overcome a genetic predisposition for cancer? In his new book, "The Cancer Killers: The Cause is the Cure," Dr. Lerner says your body is designed to be a cancer killer, particularly if you're healthy. He explains what foods you should stop eating and offers alternatives, and if you are only going to make one choice for organics, he gives his pick for the one product you should always buy organic.
5 Foods to Save Your Life
When you hear the word "diet," chances are the first thing you think of is weight loss, but there are other kinds of diets we need to think about -- health diets. More and more, doctors are paying close attention to the levels of inflammation in your body, which has been linked to many common diseases. Registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell suggests five inflammation-lowering foods you should be eating now.
  The Search For (Tasty!) Heart-Healthy Foods
In 2005, Growing Bolder blogger John D. suffered congestive heart failure and ever since, he's been on a quest for heart-healthy and delicious food. He writes about the foods he was forced to give up and describes his sometimes failed experiments in cooking healthier. Read about what he's discovered so far, then offer up your suggestions for flavorful and healthy food simple enough for everyone to make.
Guys, As You Mature, Your Diet Should Too
It is never too late to start being mindful about your dietary choices, but it’s best to start before something goes wrong! MD Anderson Cancer Center's Dawn Napoli is a registered dietitian and board certified in oncology nutrition, and she's offering a decade-by-decade diet plan just for men to stay healthy at any age.
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