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Surviving & Thriving

Our newest episode of "Surviving & Thriving" aired last week, and since then, we've heard from people across the country eager to watch this life-changing show. You asked and we delivered! The episode is now available online in its entirety and commercial-free. We hope you'll set some time aside to watch this powerful program that will give you and your family hope and encouragement to face any challenge in life. In this episode, you'll meet two cancer survivors who didn't let scary statistics stop them from believing they COULD beat the odds; a champion cyclist who overcame a broken neck to once again stand atop the winner's podium; and an artist who lost her college roommates to an act of terrorism and vowed to pursue her passions in life as a tribute to them. These are real people with real stories that will inspire you. This is Surviving & Thriving.

  Wendy Chioji's Life-Changing Trip
Twelve years after her breast cancer diagnosis, "Surviving & Thriving" host Wendy Chioji travels the world seeking adventures and living life boldly. We catch up on her latest news, including her recent medical mission trip to Africa, undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery and whether her opinion on Lance Armstrong, who she has a long association with, has changed in light of his doping admissions. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION

Mr. Cancer Gets Beaten ... Again

Tony Handler has done it again. To celebrate his 74th birthday, he just crossed the finish line of yet another 70.3 Ironman triathlon. That means he swam 1.25 miles, biked 56 miles, then ran 13.1 miles. In a new blog post, he shares the race statistics, proving just how incredible this feat is. Tony, a six-time cancer survivor, once told us every time he crosses the finish line, it's another win against Mr. Cancer. Way to go, Tony!
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