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We know how it goes -- you have good intentions every holiday season, and you swear you'll get your shopping and shipping done nice and early. But if you're anything like us, those good intentions quickly fall by the wayside, and all of a sudden, it's Christmas week!

What is a gift-giver to do?

No worries! The Growing Bolder Bookstore is full of books that we've vetted, so everything that we offer is inspirational, entertaining, fun to read and helps you spread the gift of Growing Bolder. And because we partner with Amazon for ordering and delivery, you have the benefit of the lowest prices, the fastest (and guaranteed!) shipping and tracking and the best exchange and return policies on the Web.

We have hundreds of books to choose from, but if you're looking to stick with the holiday theme, why not consider:

"A mystery hangs over a village as Christmas approaches. Who is delivering the delicious treats from house to house? The story of Favor Johnson, his dog Hercules, Doctor Jennings, and the mysterious house by house delivery of home-made fruit cakes on Christmas Eve, is the heart warming tale of neighborliness and generosity in a Vermont village at Christmas time."
"Ray Charles Robinson Jr. shares moments of personal joy, like watching his father run his hands over the Christmas presents under their tree while singing softly to himself. He tells of how Ray overcame the challenges of being blind, even driving cars, riding a Vespa, and flying his own plane. And, in gripping detail, he reveals how as a six-year-old boy he saved his father’s life one harrowing night."
And our bookstore isn't just another website. We are the only store in the world that offers an interview with each author, pulled straight from Growing Bolder Radio. That means you get the inside scoop on why the author tackled that subject, what the inspiration behind the story was, and what that writer thinks about the Growing Bolder philsophy.

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