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The newest episode of Surviving & Thriving, the inspiring show that celebrates the power of the human spirit and shines the spotlight on men and women who overcome life’s toughest obstacles, is now available to watch online! Presented by Florida Hospital and produced by Growing Bolder, Surviving & Thriving is hosted by Wendy Chioji, a two-time cancer survivor, and features stories that will encourage anyone going life's toughest challenges. 

One of the features you'll see in this episode is an update on Wendy's health. As we've shared here before (and as Wendy shares on her blog), Wendy is in the midst of a battle against a recurrence of thymic carcinoma. She's just enrolled in a new cutting-edge clinical trial and she's sharing an update on how it's affecting her health and her passions for fitness and travel. GB CEO Marc Middleton chats with Wendy to find out the latest about her health and life. Click here to watch and share this special clip ... and find out what led to their on-set high-five!

What does Growing Bolder mean to you? How are you living a life of purpose and passion? Who inspires you? These are just some of the questions our impressive roster of Team GB Elite bloggers recently pondered. Then, they started writing. Below are five stories that will offer you hope and inspiration. And because the bloggers are so passionate about helping you get inspired, they're offering you a special gift: 25% off annual subscriptions of Growing Bolder Magazine! So read their stories, get inspired, then grab your exclusive discount today and get a head-start on your 2016 goals.
  Ladies Who Swivel

The typical image of a water ski show performer is often a young teen swiveling around on a ski or climbing to the top of a four-tiered pyramid. Then there’s Diane Engberg, who started her show skiing career at a “late” age. Team GB Elite blogger Karen Putz, herself a barefoot water skier, introduces us to the fascinating Diane and her spectacular shows. Click here to read Karen's post.
Hope In the Wake of Tragedy

Team GB Elite blogger Ainslie Waldron typically shares travel stories and tips from her adventures around the world, but in this new post, she's sharing the heartbreaking story of a woman in her home country of Australia. Ainslie introduces us to Rosie Batty, whose son was brutally murdered by his father, Rosie's estranged husband. In the wake of the tragedy, Rosie has made it her mission to help other victims of domstic violence. Click here to read Ainslie's post.
  It's Better Growing Bolder

Every one us has someone in our life who inspires us to keep moving forward, no matter what roadblocks life throws up in our paths. For Team GB Elite blogger Mary Flynn, that person was her Aunt Katie. She shares the incredible obstacles her aunt overcame and what she learned about the power of a sense of humor and courage to handle life's storms. Click here to read Mary's blog.
Baptism By Fire

It only takes a moment for your entire life to change. That's all it took for Team GB Elite blogger Mary Wagner's best friend to lose everything in a devastating house fire. In minutes, all of her friend Judy's belonging and treasures burned away. Mary says watching how her friend has picked up the pieces has inspired her. Click here to read her tribute to those who don't crumble under the weight of life's challenges.
  Shaping Lives Through Clay

Team GB Elite blogger Liz Kitchens was so inspired by a particular passage in the Bible's book of Jeremiah that she helped launch an arts program at her church to serve at-risk and low-income children in the community. This summer, more than 100 kids took part in the arts program, many of whom had never left their poverty-stricken communities before. Click here to see how a simple idea is changing lives.