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  The Drive For 5
Triathlete Hunter Kemper has set his sights on an unprecedented fifth Olympic Games. Why? "I shouldn't be able to make the team at 40, which is why I want to try," he tells us. Find out how he never stopped believing in his dreams and why you'll never find him at the center of a image meltdown like other athletes.
Overcoming Ism's
Growing up an African-American female in the segregated South, few could have predicted just how far a girl from Jacksonville would rise. Few, that is, other than the girl and her parents. Val Demings talks about her historic job as the first female police chief in Orlando's history and explains how she's faced down racism, sexism and ageism with hard work, focus and humor.
  Fungi Fanatic
Taylor Lockwood thought he was going to be a star. In the '70s, he was a major part of the West Coast music scene, but by his 30s, he'd had it with the music business. That's when he discovered mushrooms. Now, he's considered the rock star of mushroom photography. He explains how his views of aging have dramatically changed, particularly since he's having more fun now than ever before.
Sweet Freedom
One single moment forever changed the life of a young girl and, ultimately, the lives of many other children. Vivienne Harr explains why she's so committed to freeing child slaves across the world and how she's raised nearly $1 million with the simplest of all childhood activities -- selling lemonade.
  Your Summer Health Reboot
Has the day-to-day craziness of your everyday life kicked all of your good health intentions from January to the curb? Here's the good news -- it's NEVER too late to reboot. Registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell has a six-month health and wellness plan to help you finish 2013 stronger and better than you started.
A Bolder Move
We have breaking news about the future of Growing Bolder, and it's a bold move we're able to take thanks to you. Find out how we've journeyed from a small team who believed the world wanted and NEEDED to watch stories of hope, inspiration and possibility to a tribe of people who share our passion for smashing stereotypes. Together, we're going to change the world.