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Forget selfie, the Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year. The Growing Bolder word of the year is PASSION. When we started looking at our most popular stories of 2013, we noticed one common thread running through them all -- a passion for living, a passion for growing and a passion for exploring. Passion is the fuel that powers the people in the stories below to keep living boldly.

Over the next two weeks, we'll be sharing our top 13 stories of 2013. Whether you missed them the first time or you'd like to reconnect with some old Growing Bolder friends, we hope you'll watch these stories and allow them to inspire you to discover your own passions in life.

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  13. Underwater What?
It's incredibly fun to play and amazingly boring to watch UNLESS you watch from underwater. Come along as the grandmaster of strange introduces us to the unusual sport of underwater hockey. Click here to watch the story.
12. Artist Leans to Follow Her Heart
It took her a few decades to get there, but Donna Dowless now spends every day pouring out her heart into art. Find out what Andy Warhol told her that convinced her to follow her heart and why she's so in love with love. Click here to watch her story.
  11. I Am the Bird
You never know when something is going to happen that will change your life in an instant. Joe Pires had dreamed of flying since he was a young boy, but finally, in his 50s, he got his chance in a unique contraption called a gyroplane. Come fly away. Click here to watch Joe's story.
10. Double Life, Single Purpose
Is it really Stevie Nicks? As a celebrity tribute artist, Julie C. Myers' portrayal of the Fleetwood Mac legend is so accurate it's not easy to tell. See how it took becoming someone else for Julie to be able to find herself. Click here to watch Julie's story.
  9. Iron Nun on the Run
She's the oldest person ever to finish the Ironman Triathlon but Sister Madonna Buder says it's not about setting records. See what keeps her running and hear her reflections on being just a mile away from the Boston Marathon bombings. Click here to watch Sister Madonna's story.
8. Hitch a Ride Back in Time
The VW microbus is an iconic symbol of the 1960s and '70s, and, it turns out, it's one of the most popular -- and valuable -- classic vehicles around these days. See how a father and son team is bringing memories back as they restore these vintage vans. Click here to watch the story and start feeling groovy.
  7. Hunter Kemper's Message from the Heart
Four-time Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper recently took a break from his training in Colorado to return to his hometown -- to take a walk. He reveals the health scare that inspired his father to drastically change his life and what you can learn. Click here to watch Hunter's story.