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Surviving & Thriving
WATCH Surviving & Thriving Today at Noon ON WKMG
Life will knock us down and count us out if we allow it. Instead, let's face the future filled with hope, inspiration, and possibility. Tune in today at noon on WKMG Channel 6 for an encore presentation of Surviving & Thriving. Relive stories like Sandy Scott's, a man who fought his way back from a broken neck to become a World Cycling Champion, and Tony Handler, who has survived 7 types of cancer. If you can't watch it live, click here to watch it online anytime.
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Have you faced down overwhelming odds? Has life knocked you down to the point where you had no choice but to stand up and fight? Share your story with us so others know they are not alone. Share the gift of hope!
  Wendy's New Cancer Battle
With a spirit that knows no boundaries, breast cancer survivor Wendy Chioji has been sharing her thoughts on her blog of what it's like to be facing a battle with yet another type of cancer. Just diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma, Wendy explains, "They say the best way to make God laugh is to make plans. I'll try to salvage what I can." We sat down with Wendy this week to get the details on this diagnosis and her plans moving forward. Click here to watch the video.
Weathering Peaks and Valleys
A week after retiring, John Casterline learned he had Stage 4 lung cancer. After recovering from the shock, John vowed to dig in for the fight of his life! The battle turned out to be even tougher than he imagined. John explains how he survived three different cancer diagnoses over the past seven years, and, just as impressively, never stopped moving. He has a powerful message to deliver to other cancer patients. Click here to watch his story.