Mentoring Monthly for everyone supporting, signed up for, and interested in Get Mentoring.
Mentoring Monthly
Hello, I hope you are all looking forward to the Christmas break. There is just enough time left in the working calendar to share the first edition of Mentoring Monthly, an e-newsletter for everyone supporting, signed up for, and interested in Get Mentoring.

One month into the project and there is already plenty to report and celebrate.The UK-wide roll-out of the Get Mentoring initiative has taken place over the last month with all delivery partners launching their training programmes across the UK. Already, over 1000 mentors have been trained or have registered for training, which is a fantastic start.

This success was largely due to a high profile launch which included the support of Business Minister, Mark Prisk, as well as extensive promotion and support from Get Mentoring's delivery partners and strategic partners.

Read the case studies below and see how four of the recently trained mentors found the training.

Ian Wright has had a varied career in manufacturing, construction and specification-led products.
"The training provided some nice checklists of behaviours and how to get the best from the relationship". more 
Guy Falkingham has 30 years experience in marketing, sales and business development in both the private and public sectors. 
"It was very interesting and particularly reinforced the skills and approach that are required.” more
Helene Panzarino is a successful entrepreneur, fitness instructor, body transformation guide and amateur athlete. 
“It was great, very practical and straightforward. It reminded me of things, taught me things, and introduced me to new people.” more
Ross Stuart has worked across the world as an engineer and later in a managerial and interim executive capacity within the manufacturing and construction industries.
"I enjoyed the course and it very well delivered by the trainer". more
2012 will see the launch of our mentoring platform, it will contain a searchable directory of mentors and support new types of mentoring, including enterprise Q&As, Wiki, Community, Web Conferencing and Connection tools. Sign up for the Get Mentoring training course so that you can be found when the platform launches. more
If you're interested in mentoring, and would like to learn more about the benefits of the initiative, read Five great reasons to Get Mentoring and sign up today.

To support Get Mentoring and promote the scheme to your contacts; Let us know about any regional or national opportunities to communicate the initiative; Order some posters and postcards to display, and; Follow Get Mentoring on Twitter . . . and retweet when you can! 

Get Mentoring trainers have spoken to hundreds of business people interested in mentoring since the project began just a few weeks ago. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can now be found in the Get Mentoring FAQs.

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