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Mentoring Monthly
With school exam results just in, we’ve made sure that August’s Mentoring Monthly more than makes the grade with a fresh range of interesting features, case studies, articles and updates.
Top of the class this month we have another batch of dedicated business men and women from across the country who have completed the Get Mentoring training. We've spoken to Sheryl Miller and Ignaty Dyakov about their mentoring activities since the training; Elaine Murray, an interior designer and mumpreneur from Aberdeenshire; Alex Dodgshon, who found the training provided an important schooling in how to allow entrepreneurs to find their own answers; and Lee Armstrong who has signed up to share the lessons he's learned setting up his business.
This month we've also spoken to Melissa Healy from the West Yorkshire Enterprise Agency about how mentoring is helping the long-term unemployed get back into work through starting their own companies. And we have a special interview with Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring trainer Jordana Stevens who gives us an insight into what potential mentors can expect on the half-day course.

We hope you enjoy it, please continue to forward this on to anyone that you think would make a great volunteer business mentor.
Sheryl Miller
Mentoring in Action: In May we covered the story of Sheryl Miller whose business background and interest in supporting young entrepreneurs and women led her to complete the Get Mentoring training. We caught up with Sheryl as she embarks on her first mentoring experience to find out how she decided where to mentor and how it's going so far. more
The Shadecard
A Mentor's Story: Elaine Murray from Aberdeenshire runs a successful interior design, painting and decorating company. She came across the Get Mentoring scheme through links with Mumpreneur and Moray Business Women. We talked to Elaine about the importance of supporting new and growing businesses, being a ‘mumpreneur’ and how she would like to develop her mentoring skills in the future. more
Alex Dodgshon
A Mentor's Story: Alex Dodgshon heard about the Get Mentoring training through the Forum of Private Business (FPB) and Forward Ladies network. She thinks mentoring is a great way for members of organisations such as this to support each other. more
Women In Business
Spotted this week: A nice article on the Women in Business website, called The Circle of Mentorship: "It is not just the "mentee" who benefits from a mentoring relationship but the careers and lives of all of the people involved." Read more here.  
Ignaty Dyakov
Mentoring in Action: Entrepreneur and director of Russia Local, Ignaty Dyakov wasted little time in meeting his first mentee after completing the Get Mentoring training. Find out how he’s found the experience and what they are hoping to achieve together here.
Lee Armstrong
A Mentor's Story: After spending the last 18 months setting up his successful Spa business, Aquarius Spa, Lee Armstrong has volunteered as mentor to help someone about to embark on this path, he says: "I realised that I've got recent experience which could really help". more
Jo Stevens
Q&A: Jo Stevens is one of the trainers delivering training for Get Mentoring. We caught up with Jo to talk about all things mentoring, mentees in gorilla suits and Brad Pitt. more
Business Inspired Growth
The Local Enterprise Partnership for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding has this week launched a simple way to connect volunteer mentors with new and growing businesses in their area. The partnership has worked with SFEDI to bring together the online Introduction to Mentoring training and a mentor directory. All the mentors listed will have successfully completed the Get Mentoring training before making themselves available to mentees. Find out more from the partnership's Business Inspired Growth website. Already completed the training and based in this region? Email Liz Barker to find out how you can join in as a volunteer mentor and help businesses in your area grow faster. 
Want to find a mentee? Access the IOEE
If you’ve completed the Get Mentoring training and haven't activated your IOEE membership yet, make your profile available online by activating your free Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) membership here. Watch this space for news about IOEE tools launching soon to help mentors and mentees connect. Drop us an email if you have any questions. 
The Trust Triangle
Mentoring in a Minute: The Trust Triangle
For a mentoring relationship to work, your mentee needs to both trust and respect you. As Stephen Covey, a management development consultant states, “Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people.”
There are three key elements in building trust, which must be brought together to complete the triangle:
Competence – learning, skills and experience/accreditation
- Caring – Empathy/challenge
- Integrity – Values accountability
NEA Provider
What's an NEA Provider and why should it matter to a newly trained mentor?
Through New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) Schemes mentors can play an important role in getting the long-term unemployed back into work in the UK. We spoke to Melissa Healy from the West Yorkshire Enterprise Agency to find out more about how NEA schemes work and what mentors are getting out of the experience. more
Remember, if you've completed the training there's a list of Mentoring Organisations and NEA providers across the UK waiting to hear from you. Whether you're keen to mentor the over 50s, unemployed people aiming to start up, high growth businesses or young entrepreneurs, see who's looking and see where you'd like to help. 
Train online
Not completed the course yet but like the idea of doing it online? All you need to do is register online and put an evening or two aside to work through the modules and complete the course. Then do the multi-choice questionnaire to let us know that you're done. Want a sneak preview? See our screenshot here.
MADE Festival
We're very excited to be part of a mentor-mentee matchmaking lunch at the MADE Festival between Get Mentoring trained mentors and Intuit 100Up members. Due to a huge level of interest from mentors it looks like places at the lunch are taken, we'll be sending out confirmations shortly, but please get in contact if you would like to be on the waiting list or if you're simply planning to be at the event and would like to meet up. Get Mentoring will be at the event on 20th September.
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