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Mentoring Monthly
Hello and welcome to the last Mentoring Monthly of the year. We’ve got a Christmas cracker of a newsletter this December. We’ll look back at some of the scheme’s highlights from 2012, let you know about the last chance to train before sleigh bells begin to ring, and let you know what's in store for 2013. As well as that, we've spoken to more recently trained mentors, or rather some festive 'wise women and men', for their 'anecdotal gold', common (frankin)sense and views on entrepre-myrrh-ship.  

The big news, of course, is that the free mentor training comes to a close at the end of the month. Aspiring mentors can still train for free online right through the Christmas period, so for those who still haven’t completed the course, why not give the gift of your valuable experience by becoming a volunteer mentor? (and you'll receive a Certificate of Recognition and free membership of the IOEE too!). 
A Mentor's Story: Rebekah Harriman
Social Media Manager and Trainer Rebekah Harriman believes mentoring is about signposting routes to further information, providing encouragement and motivation, and offering a shot of realism from time to time. Rebekah shared her experience of setting up in business and why she felt the time was right to mentor formally. Read more.
Top 5 mentors from the movies
The Christmas holidays are just round the corner, which means that it’s time to over indulge on food and wine before settling down in front of a movie. But which fictional figures do you think make good mentors? Take a look at our top 5 here.
Festive Fun – Famous Mentors
For the last 12 months Get Mentoring has been recruiting and training a community of enterprise mentors. But if you are yet to complete the online training, here are a few examples of how mentoring has shaped the careers of the rich and famous. 
A Mentor's Story: Luckywebs Founder and CEO Rafi Akbar found Get Mentoring’s online training to be an enjoyable way to learn about the role of a mentor, so much so that he completed the online course in less than a day. As somebody who considers himself a helpful person, Rafi felt that the scheme gave him the opportunity to share the knowledge he has accumulated over years in business. Read more here.
Kate Butler
A Mentor's Story: Kate Butler believes that having a support network to bounce ideas around with is vital to the success of a business idea. She is passionate about the idea of ‘paying forward’, an ethos instilled in her by her own mentor, and she told Mentoring Monthly that this helped her make the decision to enrol on the Get Mentoring scheme.Find out more.
Mentoring in Review – A look back at 12 months of Mentoring Monthly
It’s been a whirlwind year for Get Mentoring with campaigns, trade shows, conferences and workshops all taking place to support the training of thousands of business people as volunteer mentors across the UK. And Mentoring Monthly has been there every step of the way to bring you the news and views from the world of mentoring. Click here to take a look at some of the highlights from 2012.
A Mentor from the North(ern) Pole 
Aimee Lawson’s business, Northern Pole Dance, has gone from strength to strength since she set up in 2007. But Aimee tells us that the transition from paramedic to exercise entrepreneur was anything but smooth – something she thinks a mentor could have supported with. Read more.
Wishing you a 'MIOEE' Christmas
To support the Get Mentoring scheme, the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) has gifted free membership to every mentor that has completed the training. If you have completed the online course, don't forget to activate your free membership by using the unique number on your Certificate of Recognition. You can use the MIOEE post nominal letters too. Take a look at the ho-ho-whole range of benefits you can access here
A Mentor's Story: Originally from Holland, Eva Hill now runs her own Business Coaching consultancy, Work Life Better, in Shropshire. She sees Get Mentoring as a chance to stay on her toes and be challenged by entrepreneurs. Find out more.
Although the funded training is coming to an end, there's exciting plans ahead to bring together mentors with businesses in 2013. There are plans for a series of 'meet a mentor' events, which you will be invited to get involved in if you've completed the training. The IOEE is also working on more ways for mentors and mentees to connect online and for all of it's members to develop their enterprising skills. We are also delighted that Mentoring Monthly will continue into 2013, in order to share news, opportunities and case studies from the world of mentoring.
A mentor could be for life, but the FREE training is only ’til (just after) Christmas
We only have a few days left of 2012, which means that the online enterprise training from Get Mentoring is nearly finished. But there’s still time to learn lifelong mentoring skills absolutely free, so take advantage of your festive downtime during the Christmas break, and go to Get Mentoring to complete the course. Go on, you could make a real difference to a business as a volunteer mentor in 2013. (PS. this article isn't just an excuse to show a dog in a Santa hat, obviously).
Mentoring in a Christmas Minute – Our festive taster of the principles taught through the Get Mentoring scheme. 
This week: Have you been a good mentor?
Assessing the effectiveness of a mentor–mentee relationship is like writing the annual letter to Santa – you assess what you have done well and what you need to work on. This is known as ‘Reflective Practice’ and should be done by the mentor as well as the mentee so that both are continuously improving and making meetings as effective as possible. The gift that awaits should be a more successful and efficient mentored business!
High Five
Christmas came early for Young Enterprise
Once again we’d like to thank Lloyds Banking Group for showing their commitment to business mentoring by partnering with Get Mentoring for the High Five campaign. Lloyds pledged £5 to Young Enterprise – the UK’s largest enterprise charity – for every mentor who completed the training in November, helping the scheme to raise an impressive £10,000. Find out why Lloyds supported the campaign here.
Looking for a mentor? Then here's the perfect Christmas gift - a year's free affiliate membership of the IOEE. One of the benefits of joining is the online facility to connect with volunteer mentors that have completed the Get Mentoring training. The IOEE is just one of many organisations on Mentorsme - take a look to find many other organisations that can help you find a mentor to start or grow your business. 
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