Nico's Notes for 13 May 2015.
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How's it going?

Hello <<First Name>>!

We're now two weeks into my tarot workshop, and things seem to be going really well. The format works, and we're going through tarot's history, artwork, and learning more about the people who created and reinvented it. It's kind of awesome.

On Monday my partner and I took a few hours to visit High Park and see its famous cherry blossoms in bloom, and wander around Grenadier Pond, before heading out for dinner. A nice way to reconnect before he flies off to America for work, yet again.

What are you guys up to?

What I'm reading...


I'm studying Bernadette Mayer's Sonnets in Hoa Nyugen's class on Sundays, and her way of queering the sonnet is opening me up to new possibilities. Traditional sonnets are a mere 14 lines, and this is a slim book -- only 122 pp. -- and as we read through each poem twice -- or more -- what at first seems random falls into place, and I'm really enjoying it.
Here are 10 other things you should read this week:
  1. When daydreaming takes over real life.
  2. Love your selfies.
  3. In contrasting a new memoir by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon with a new book on Courtney Love's band Hole, Agata Pyzik shows us two different faces of of feminism in the '90s.
  4. Purge-watching: the darker side of binge.
  5. Why women don't report sexual violence, and why, when they do, nothing changes.
  6. And why Kevin Donovan's upcoming book on Jian Ghomeshi puts women at risk. In case you're (somehow??) unfamiliar with this story, 23 women have come forward with allegations of harassment or assault. All this raises other important issues.
  7. Teen feminists changing the world.
  8. Mx. -- the new gender-neutral honorific already adopted by British government could soon be added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Love it.
  9. Buddhism, like most faiths, has a complicated relationship with money. As Brad Warner asks, "If there is “bad karma” associated with handling money, how is it better for a monk to ask someone else to take on that burden for him?"
  10. That said, the future of religion looks bleak.
In other news, this completely unbiased review of a local rock show is a thing of genius.
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All the best,

--Nico Mara-McKay

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