How to write, except as a usually chaste woman getting undressed for an orgy?
-–Georges Bataille, The Absence of Myth
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Writers Wanted

Welcome to the first of our very occasional calls for submissions.

As you may know, Spiral Nature recently brought on board a bunch of lovely new writers, but we don't have many women or people of colour writing for us. I'd like to change that.

If you're interested, or know anyone who is, please forward this email to them. I'd love hear from the wider community.

Paganism, Satanism, Vodou

I'd also like to bring on a few regular or semi-regular contributors to write about Paganism (any flavour), Satanism, or Vodou.

There's a huge interest in Vodou especially, but I'm not equipped to tackle the subject. If you know anyone who is, I have a small library of books to pass along to help get a new contributor up and running. Contact me for details.


While I'd like to see more pitches from women and people of colour, I'm certainly opening to hearing from anyone with a fresh perspective - even if it's not regarding Paganism, Satanism, or Vodou.

There are several different types of articles that Spiral Nature favours, you can find more about them in the brief submission guidelines on the website, or the more detailed PDF here, but basically, send an email query or pitch that outlines what you'd like to write about, and we can work together to ensure it's the right fit for the site. For more information about our readers, you can download Spiral Nature's media kit here.
Keep in mind that posts may be scheduled a month or more in advance, so if you have a great Samhain-related piece, please don't wait until October 25th to pitch it.

I look forward to reading your pitches!


Editor, Spiral Nature
Spiral Nature Submission Guidelines

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