November 2014 call for pitches.
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Writers Wanted

I'm interested in receiving detailed pitches on any of these topics:


  • Money magick.  Approaches, methods, techniques. Alternately, wealth magick beyond money.
  • Chaos magick. History, culture, profiles or interviews with big names. Techniques beyond the basics of sigils, servitors and egregores.
  • Chemognosis. Focus on a specific drug, its use and effects -- legal or not. Ethical implications.


  • Pagan Christmas. How can Christmas paraphernalia be taken back, and repurposed for Yule or the winter solstice?
  • Stories of the gods. Tales of the gods and goddesses, retold from classical sources. Bonus points for integrating modern sensibility and humour.
  • Life altars. Temporary or permanent altars for celebrating occasions such as birthdays, deathdays, the birth of one's children, new careers, etc.


  • Pascal Beverly Randolph. Profile on his life and magical work, highlighting his importance and influence on contemporary occulture, particularly with sex magick.
  • Vikings. As in the Canadian-Irish series that airs on the History Channel. How does the show hold up in its portrayals of Viking religion and culture? What lessons or influences can contemporary Pagans take from it?
  • Frederick Hockley. Profile on his life and work.
These are just a few ideas. If you are interested in writing one of these pieces (or something else entirely), drop me an email with a full pitch.

You can also find more specific story ideas in our newsletter archive, and yes, we do pay contributors.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in writing for Spiral Nature, please forward this email to them. I'd love hear from the wider community.

I look forward to reading your pitches!


--Nico Mara-McKay (Psyche)
Editor, Spiral Nature


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