We Do Whatever You Ask and Say

Begin with something, anything
crenellated, notched,
a built-in place for gunners
to stand and a place
for them to hide.
We forget the cannon
is not a kind of gun
but the essence of gun—
since we believe,
as biology teaches,
things progress
simpler to complex—
invented by angels to kill
angels and given its name not
by Milton—who called it
a pillar on wheels, imagined it
belching from its hellish
glut Thunderbolts and Hail
Of Iron Globes—
but by some rank Viking
who named his war
engine after his woman,
Gunhilda, to enflame
with longing
his lonely job of
disemboweling the enemy
with fiery projectiles.
Far from home
but in the name of home.

— John Estes, author of Kingdom Come (C&R Press)

All poems, art, and photos are public domain or used by permission of author or publisher.
Red Canoe by Emily Wierenga

Art by Emily Wierenga

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