Since my last newsletter in January, I have been undergoing major transformation. In February while attending the Kumbha Mela in India, karma caught up with me and I fell ten feet down on to a flight of marble stairs.  I have been laid up recovering from  muscle damage to my upper thigh and lower legs.  Fortunately nothing is broken. 

From moment to moment
My fall reinforced in my mind how quickly life changes. One moment I was taking a pleasant walk in a beautiful place and the next I was lying at the bottom of some stairs experiencing excruciating pain and unable to move my legs.  All plans for that evening and the next day were cancelled.  Life could have ended then and there.  But it did not. Somehow, by the grace of God, I escaped with minor injuries.  So I’m using this healing period to reassess my life- where I have been and where I plan to be in the future.   I was blessed to be surrounded by very caring, spiritual people in India.  Also the love and support from my family and well wishes and prayers of friends around the world have also hastened  the healing process.  Special thanks to my friends in England  and Trinidad who offered their expert advice and assistance in my time of need.  In a few more weeks my legs will be healed and I’ll be on my feet again. Yeah!


Dealing with Change

Have you or someone you know undergone a major change in life? It could be a change in finance, relationship, health or the death of a close friend or loved one. How have you or they dealt with the change?  A major change in life is an opportunity to stop and reconsider where we are and where we are going with our life. Change is nature’s way of telling us to stop, take stock and assess how our life has been so far.  Unfortunately, many people move through these periods without taking time to reassess their life.  As soon as the healing or grieving is over they continue with their life in the same manner as they lived before.  

We don’t have to wait for a major event to take place in our life in order to reassess our life.  Every time we hear or read of a tragedy it is a reminder that we should put our house in order.   We tend to be shocked by the tragedies that occur in other’s lives and hope that they never happen to us.  But as I discovered, tragedy can strike anyone at any time.  If we wait until tragedy strikes to assess how we have been living and what has been our priority, it may be too late.  Not everyone is given a second chance.  

If you are interested in doing a reassessment of your life, here are some questions you could ask yourself.
Do I make it a point to tell the people I care about and those who care about me how much I love and appreciate them?
Have I been living a happy, loving, caring life?
Have I forgiven those who did me wrong?  Have I said “I’m sorry to those I have hurt?
What has been the main focus of my life recently? Has my focus been more material or spiritual?
Have I been thinking more of my needs and forgetting the needs of those I love and who love me?
Has my life so far been one of caring, nurturing, loving, sharing, forgiving or has it been a life of sadness, regrets, disappointment, anger, frustration, depression and self centeredness?
Have I known the peace that is beyond all understanding?
Have I experienced the inner stillness or silence that makes me aware of the presence of the Divine?
What has been my purpose so far in this life?
What is it that I wanted to do but have not done?
 If I were to die today, for what would I be remembered? 

It is said that when we die we leave all our material possessions behind. What we take with us is our spiritual development.  We are spiritual beings living in human garbs.  Love, caring, kindness, compassion and forgiveness help in our spiritual development.  In the end it is not how much money you made or accumulated, how many places you have been or the great positions you held in life.  What matters is the amount of joy you brought into people’s life and the positive changes you helped to make in the lives of people and your environment. 


Spring is here. Everywhere nature is waking up from  winter's slumber. Life is blossoming.  Birds are returning, flowers are blooming and trees are displaying their new leaves.  In the first weeks of Spring take time to recreate your mind, body and spirit.  Start with a detox or cleanse to rid the body of the fats and heavy foods of winter and the holidays.  This is the time to take care of the liver and gall bladder. The diet should be light and should contain foods such as young plants, sprouts and cereal grasses.  Reduce the use of heavy foods as they tend to clog the liver. Spend more time outdoors exercising and taking in the sight of new flowers.  Try something new and different to stimulate your life. Remember Spring is a time of renewal. 

Spring  Salad

2 cups of alfalfa sprouts
2 cups of mung sprouts
1 cup of grated carrots
1 cup of grated beets

On a large plate arrange an outside ring of alfalfa sprouts. Next make a ring of mung sprouts followed by an inner ring of beets. Finish with a last ring of carrots. Serve with your favorite salad dressing.  

Are you ready for change?
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Taking care of you

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