Happy 4th of July!
Summer is here

To all my US friends, Happy 4th of July!
Well Summer is here. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Summer is a yang time. It's the time to get outdoors and exercise. Time to top up on your vitamin D, eat light, sleep shorter hours and rest during lunch period. During Summer,it's good to eat pungent herbs and foods, which increase energy flow and can help maintain normal, healthy sweating. Those living in the North region where the sun is not as hot as here in the tropics, more neutral foods such as  yams, sweet potato, mushroom, olives, brown rice, almonds, and most ocean fish, is recommended. 

If you live in hot and dry environment, cooling and hydrating foods are very important. A rice soup with mung beans (which are cooling) would be appropriate. Try stir frying some cucumber,and/or spinach, and eat fish, tomatoes, watermelon, melon, and strawberries.

Other hydrating vegetables include: iceberg lettuce, celery, radish, peppers, cauliflower, and carrots. Try eating fruits like pear and star fruit.
Of course, remember that these are general guidelines. It is good to have an assessment from a qualified health professional to see your own physical needs before implementing any recommendations.


6 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Love Yourself

Even though there are some who would deny this - we all have a desire to be loved. One of the reasons is when we feel loved or are in love we feel happy and when we fall out of love or feel unloved we feel sad. Our level of happiness or well-being is closely related to the amount of love we feel or lack. Often, it's a romantic love that we crave. We are caught up in our loneliness and it's normal to have a want for companionship. Though, romance isn't everyone's struggle or want – it may be a familial want or a platonic friendship. While, for some it may be a combination of all of these.
Rejection and hurt can leave us feeling unfulfilled and disillusioned with how we expect relationships to play out. When they don't go as we want them to we often blame ourselves and wonder where we went wrong... that's not what it's about.
This is where learning to love yourself comes in – and that comes with some incredible benefits. There are two aspects of the self; there is the person we identify with by name, example John, and there is the deeper level of the self which is beyond the personality. This is your inner being or nature.  This level of your self is born of divine love. Some people call this, the thinker behind the thought, the soul, or atma. I call it “your divinity”.  The secret to feeling love and happiness is to know and experience that deeper level of your self on a daily basis. Doing this will enliven the qualities of love and happiness in daily life, which are qualities of your inner being. To achieve this one has to enter into the silence and experience what St. Therese of Lisieux called “the peace that surpasses all understanding”.  
Here are six benefits you will achieve when you learn to love yourself.
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