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Learn the Ayurvedic system of Nadi Vidyan - Self Pulse Reading

June 3rd 

Plaza D Montrose, Chaguanas


Self-Pulse Reading Course  -- Nadi Vydian is the ancient Ayurvedic system of detecting imbalances in the body through the pulse.   This course provides the theory and practical technique for detecting balance and imbalance in the body through Self-Pulse Reading. The course also describes measures to correct imbalances before disease arises.

Topics include:
Feeling imbalances in the pulse
The stages of imbalance 
Causes and effects of imbalance
Restoring and maintaining balance through proper diet and through daily and seasonal routines.

This 16-lesson course enables every participant to learn Self-Pulse Reading in a gradual, systematic, and effortless way.
The format allows ample time to practice Self-Pulse Reading, and to grow in mastery of the principles and technique. 

For more information call 717 7540 or 633 7016.

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