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Mint is an amazing herb being so versatile with both culinary and medicinal properties. It has been used throughout history and was believed to have descended from Minthe, a nymph beloved by Pluto. It was Pluto who apparently transformed her into the scented herb Mint after his jealous wife took umbrage.

The range of mints available means they can be used in the creation of both savory and sweet delights. From Mojito Mint, which is wonderful in, you guessed it, Mojitos to our favourite, Moroccan Mint, which is great with your new potatoes or fresh garden peas. See below for a few more suggestions.

More commonly, mint is used to make herbal infusions due to its aromatic and calmative properties. Mint fiesta is our mint tea which is made from a balance of spearmint and peppermint with a touch of liquorice. We always suggest making a tea, whether fresh or dried, with both spearmint and peppermint as it makes a smoother, more calming, infusion. You can see how in Jekka's herbal infusions blog.
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Jekka's tips for growing mint

At Jekka's we teach how to maintain herbs by referring to their families and Mint (Mentha) is from the family Lamiaceae, which also contains Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender. In the last newsletter we talked about pruning Lavender and some of the same principals apply.

However, Lavender is a shrub and mint is a herbaceous perennial.  So, to keep mints productive for as long as possible, cut back after flowering and they will then produce lush new growth that can be used until the first hard frosts.  To cut back, follow the stem down to the second to last leaf node, which is roughly an inch from the base, and cut just above.
We also recommend planting mints in pots as they are quite invasive, unless you want it to run riot through your garden. When growing in pots, each year you should repot pot bound mints by upturning the container, removing the root-ball and splitting it in half. Repot one portion into the centre of the pot  using fresh compost and give the other half to a friend or pot up for extra supplies. 
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Jekka's Mint at our Charity Open Days

Jekka's mints are looking particularly good this year. We have over 40 mints in our Jekkapedia and at the Herb Farm. Some of Jekka's favourites, which you might not know, are:

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During the Open Days, Jekka's team will be on hand to answer your herb related queries and our shop will be open selling our tools, seeds, gifts and our herbal infusions.

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