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2015 A Call To Action
Thank you for praying for our family and following along with our family’s journey in missions.
We are now coming up on our third year living in Sawyer, MI and it has been such a time of blessing to our family.  Our kids love their school and youth group.  Both Tammi and I have taken up jobs that have brought some stability to our family and our living situation.  We have grown to love this area of Michigan, especially our home church family – where we have established deep rooted friendships and have been welcomed in to the community as if we have been here all of our lives!
Our time stateside has provided us a much needed respite from the chaos that our lives have been over the past several years.  The draw and temptation for this way of life and the consistency that it offers is always beckoning.  But we now feel an increasing sense of urgency to return to the way of life to which God called us.  Now is the time.
Generous giving from our supporters has allowed our ministry account to grow, and all of our start-up costs are now covered!  Thank you so much for your faithful prayers in reaching this goal!!
As for our monthly support, we are at 60% of our monthly budget.  We are entrusting God with the goal of being fully supported by the end of June.  In order to reach that goal, we are striving to raise $1,000 a month in committed support.  Please continue to pray with us for additional monthly supporters!  This is a lofty goal to be sure, but we know God is able. 
Would you please take a minute or two to pray and ask God to help us reach this goal?  Specifically, could you ask Him whether you are being called upon to partner with our family in financial support?  This little prayer would mean so much to us.
Once our committed monthly support reaches 100% of our budget and our supporters are donating consistently, we can deploy to the field!
Thank you all for taking the time to read about and pray for our family.

Support Update:  We are still around the 60% mark.  We know God will provide as He sees fit, but we are still seeking 3 new supporting churches at $200/month, 10 individuals at $100 month, 10 individuals at $50/month, and 50 individuals at $40/month.  If you, or your small group, have some capacity in your budgets, we would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with our family and the ministry in Latin America.
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