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Summer At A Glance

Update On Our Goal

Well, I wanted to start off with an update on our support raising goal for June. Unfortunately we didn't make the 50% mark in time. We made it to 46% though! That means that we won't be able to take our last training class until April of 2014, which is the next time it will be offered.
In the meantime, we are continuing our support raising. Our routine has changed up a bit as both Tammi and I are both working day jobs to make ends meet. We are not yet able to draw support until our budget levels are sustained over 50% for a few months. We have hit that mark already a couple of times, but not consistently yet. We have decided to continue working our day jobs as long as possible to allow our ministry funds to build more quickly.  But as with all things we are holding loosely to our plans and being mindful of God's leading and priorities.

Questions, Facts, & Figures

As we meet and speak with people about missions and support raising, we still run into some common misconceptions regarding money.  So I wanted to share our experience with you all.  As missionaries, we raise all of the support that we will need to live and work overseas.  These expenses include everything from rent and money for food and utilities, to educating our children, to visa and work permit expenses, to taxes (both local and stateside).  We even have to pay insurance, but in our case we don't have an employer with whom to share the premium costs.  For practical comparison, we are self-employed and raise support to cover both the employer and employee side of expenses.
One other area that seems to come up quite a bit is how much our supporters are able to give and many times people say that they just don't have enough money to make a difference in getting us to our goal.  So I crunched some numbers (our actual support numbers) and this is what we have.  Our average individual monthly supporter gives $60/month and our average church gives $200/month.  The actual giving ranges vary widely.  That is a God thing and we are truly blessed through each prayer and giving partnership.  My hope is to encourage you that it doesn't take a lot to make a big difference.  In fact, we think we have a very attainable goal that we would like to share.  In order to reach our goal of being fully funded and ready to leave we are seeking:

40 new support partners at $30/month
40 new support partners at $60/month (our current average)
10 new support partners at $100/month
7 new supporting churches at $200/month (our current average)
And one of our greatest challenges is engaging younger Christians in the Great Comission. Many of our supporters are retired individuals and unless we are able to develop new partnerships with the next missions minded generation, then our longevity in serving overseas will be short lived indeed.

Upcoming Events

Lakeville United Methodist Church

Global Leadership Summit 2013

North Liberty Church of Christ

Please continue to pray with and for us as we seek out partnership opportunities and open doors to share the gospel message and teach on missions.

If you are interested in joining with us, please check out our website at or just click here: 

Our Family Update

Emily’s travels seem not to have slowed down even though our family travels have slowed a bit.  She just returned, a few weeks ago, from a team building retreat with our church youth group and a sister church youth group to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  They had some good times hiking and sleeping out under the stars, but the highlight according to Emily was the stay in the hotel on the way home- go figure.
The boys are enjoying their summers via Gameboys and Minecraft.  It takes everything that Tammi has to get them outside, riding bikes or just playing.  We have instituted a new rule that saying the words, “I’m bored” will be translated and heard as “Give me a chore to do”.  This has worked surprisingly well, but the boys are now trying to trick each other into saying it and then ratting the other one out.  Well, at least it isn’t an electronic game and they are interacting.
Eva, is Eva.  Every day is a surprise waiting to happen with her.  She loves going for walks, playing in a sprinkler, and just running down the beach at the water’s edge.  But she just can’t resist wading out just past her limit and then looking so forelorn when her little dress gets a little too wet in the waves.
This has been a good and refreshing summer for our family.  Thank you for your encouraging words, thoughtful prayers, and the time so many of you have spent with us over these many months.  We are renewed and refocused and again headed down the path that God has prepared for us to go.
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