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Still here or "still" here?
I often times marvel at God’stiming, even though I am more apt to complain about it.  Well, truthfully, I complain about God’s timing not matching up with my expectations, but once God moves and I have the benefit of hindsight it usually becomes clearer as to why there was the wait.  In our last newsletter I was lamenting this feeling of being stuck between two worlds but mentioned that we are continuing to move forward with our training, planning, etc., in expectation of God moving us forward.  Part of my training last month was to attend a conference of Division Business Managers. 
This meeting was to let me sit in on and get some exposure to the daily activities and challenges of the role I am preparing to undertake in Costa Rica.  It was a great learning experience and I met a lot of great new people who dedicate their lives serving behind the scenes of global missions.  After a week of training, I began the trip home. 
Everything was going well and I was about halfway home when the fuel pump died.  I coasted over to the side of the road to assess the situation.  7:30 pm on a Friday night, 500 yards from the Wisconsin Dells exit – it could be worse.  A police officer stopped to help me out, we called a tow truck that got me to the nearest mechanic that is open on Saturdays and he was kind enough to taxi me to a nearby hotel.  And it began again; my journey into “stuck”.
My original plans were to make the trip to Minneapolis by car to save some money and allow me the flexibility to swing by O’Hare Airport on the way home to pick up family for Thanksgiving week and be home by Saturday afternoon.  As it turned out, 3 days later, and a new fuel pump (at a cost of about double the going rate) later, I rolled into home at 11:00 pm on Tuesday night.  My hindsight hasn’t exactly revealed for what purpose all of this adventure transpired yet – I am going to chalk it up to some kind of character building.  But it was a great reminder that I am not in charge. 
I have a fantastic habit of making myself think that I am in control of my world.  And when things don’t go my way, I am easily confused or angered (usually angered).  But I think that I am getting better at letting go and just waiting on God.  Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t easier for me to wait patiently on Him.  I think I am just quicker to accept the fact that I am going to have to wait.  Of course, I will probably still complain about it.  But I am going to try to fill that wait meditating on Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God.
I’d like to extend the challenge of waiting on God to each of you this Christmas season.  It’s so easy to get self-focused and consumer minded, that we tend to see other people and circumstances as obstacles to our happiness.  When the inevitable delay hits you this season, try to step outside of yourself and remember the big picture.  Our lineage is that of a long line of people waiting for and incredible gift – which we have now received.  So be merry this Christmas and enjoy your time with God!
Merry Christmas from the Brown family.

Support Update:  We are still around the 60% mark.  We know God will provide as He sees fit, but we are still seeking 3 new supporting churches at $200/month, 10 individuals at $100 month, 10 individuals at $50/month, and 50 individuals at $40/month.  If you, or your small group, have some capacity in your budgets, we would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with our family and the ministry in Latin America.
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