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Money Talks

Money Matters

Starting at the beginning of May, I (Jeff) have dropped my work schedule down to 4 days a week to focus Tuesdays on ministry/missions related activities (aka - support raising).  And God has really blessed this time.  Not only is God opening doors of opportunities and partnerships, but He is also reminding me of His presence and provision - not only in our mission work, but also our "normal" lives

Debt Free *Again*

Usually, whenever we have been blessed to be debt free it has been due to unwinding from the asset which caused the debt (our old house, for example).  When we returned from Haiti, we had some unexpected, unbudgeted expenses and were not able to get a regular loan - our vehicle was too old to qualify - so we put it on our credit card.  We were blessed in the past to have established decent credit and were able to access it for such a time as this.  We have been carrying this debt (and the stress it creates) for almost two years, but in February we made the decision to pay it all off with another blessing from our past in the form of a draw from my 401(k).  This is a big no-no in the investment and planning realm.  We are ok with this and the peace that it brings has more than paid for itself.


My daily prayer is for encouragement.  That God would show Himself faithful, sufficient, and encourage me that He is in control and, not me.  And do you know what?  It's working.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I think I have typed these same exact lines in numerous newsletters before - but here I am again.  So my prayer is that God will gather a group of churches and individuals that will partner with us in ministry, in His time and in His way.

Anti-Social Networking

Support raising these days is an interesting adventure.  And even with all the fancy ways we have of communicating, it is more difficult than ever to actually connect with people.  The silence can be deafening.  The funny thing is that we aren't left wondering if our communication is being lost, because almost every method of communicating today sends out a confirmation that the message is received, and even the time it is received. We are simply left standing - waiting for a response.  That's not good.  It creates awkwardness and avoidance.  So I want to extend a bunch of grace, and permission, to everyone that gets this letter or an e-mail from us asking for support.  It's ok to say, "No".  We won't be crushed *for long*.  Part of our job (not the fun part, by the way) is to ask Christians for money - not as an investment - but as a sacrifice.  God puts resources in our hands and each of us will have to give an account.  If you are pouring your resources into another area and don't have any capacity to spare - God bless you.  Did I mention that we are working for the same guy?  We are seeking out resources that are not being used for the Great Commission and trying to engage them.  It's a slow process, because I think we all struggle on some level with wondering if God really is faithful and sufficient to meet our needs (and wants?).  It is distinctly unAmerican to ask for money.  Believe me, I get it.  But, please, don't leave us hanging in limbo.  Let us know if you are not able, but pray about it first.
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Prayer Requests

  • For increased partnerships
  • For safety, growth, and challenges for Emily and Elliott on their youth group trip to Florida this June
Please continue to pray with and for us as we seek out partnership opportunities and open doors to share the gospel message and teach on missions.


God is in Control

All this to say, God is good and we are moving forward.  We are currently at 56%!  We have been parked near 50% for the last year as we focused on earning a living and paying off some debts, but we are moving forward again. Thank you all for your continued sacrifice.

Also, the funds that have continued to come in while we were working full-time have accumulated to the point where it has met our budgeted outgoing expenses.  This budget covers the cost of all our stateside training and preparation, getting our family to Costa Rica, our first semester of language school, renting an apartment, enrolling our kids in school, setting up house, paying for visas, and miscellaneous relocation expenses.  This is a HUGE blessing. God has been moving all along. 
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