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The Final Countdown
Our July 1st deadline is quickly approaching and I wanted to send out a short update to catch you all up on our family's journey.

To recap, back in January, after speaking with our organization in regards to the struggles and challenges that we were encountering facing support raising, we decided to set a date at which we would either be fully funded or would depart from missions and our ministry plan.  Almost immediately things began to move in our lives again, but not in the areas where we were expecting.

We were presented with a local ministry opportunity that had immediate needs and we have been moving forward with that.  Right around that same time, my part-time job became full-time again and my support raising role took backseat to the immediate needs of work and tax season.  But following tax season, my job was eliminated and I found myself scrambling for work without any prospects and with a support raising deadline looming.  Once again, my focus shifted into finding a job and away from support raising.

While I was searching for a job I began studying and testing for some computer technician certifications and some other opportunities.  I did find a job a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying learning a new field and the team with whom I am working.

Our family theme of transition continues on even as we approach our July 1st deadline, but we are still looking and waiting to see what God has in store for us.  This is a bittersweet time for us; we have a longing to go and a longing to stay, but we are trusting in God and we have peace knowing that His will is where we want to be. One thing is certain, God will surely surprise us!  Stay tuned.

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