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Spring Forward

My Humblest Apologies

I wanted to start this newsletter out with an apology for something that happened with our last newsletter.  It wasn't really due to any fault of ours, as far as we can tell, but our website was hacked on or around the day that we sent out our last newsletter.  This caused some people who were clicking on links to our website to be redirected to a pornography website.  As soon as we were alerted- by the wife (Thanks, Brenda!) of a pastor of one of our supporting churches, no less- I (Jeff) set about correcting the issue.  Over the next few weeks, I rebuilt the website and with the help of another supporting pastor and friend (Thanks, Daniel!) moved everything over to his servers so that we could secure it better and keep a tighter reign on things.  
The whole incident was an uncomfortable and unfortunate reminder that there are people who are promoting a completely different message than we are trying to promote.  And although uncomfortable and unfortunate, we cannot shy away from the opposition and must continue to move forward.

Changing Seasons

I don't know about you, but I am really praying that this Spring thaw is here to stay.  We had a false start last week and then a surprise snow storm set us back into Winter mode, but I feel like the tide is starting to change.  And I feel like we are getting some traction in our ministry, as well.  We have been hunkered down working, praying, training, and we are beginning to feel the thaw as things begin moving again.  
We are at the halfway point of our last required training with ReachGlobal (reference the stack of reading a material in the pic to the right) and as we head into the final weeks of our on-line class- we are even now planning for our week-long class in Minneapolis at the end of April.  And as we head through tax season, I (Jeff) will need to navigate my transition back into the season of active support raising mode.
I feel truly led to focus our support raising on new supporters. Not "new to us" supporters, but the challenge of engaging Christians who have never participated in global missions to begin.  I know that this should take a longer time to cultivate, but at the same time, I do not feel that this idea is soley my own.
I have been working out the plea and presentation to go along with this invitation and keep coming back to the $1/day model.  There isn't a lot that can be purchased for $1, so I feel that the burden is manageable for new givers and given that both Tammi and I will be engaged in ministry, the real accounting works out to $.50 for Tammi and $.50 for myself/day.  When you consider our 4 children, who will be working with us, the gift goal drops to about $.17 a person per day.  Even in this economy, that seems manageable.
So our challenge is to raise 100 new supporters at $30/month.


When is our deadline?  Well, only God knows.  But it is helpful to have a goal in mind.  So our goal will be that we raise our remaining support by the time the next language school begins in September 2014.  Yes, this is an ambitious goal, but God is able.  And we know that more than enough people will be receiving our request to achieve this goal immediately.  But again, we are relying on God's perfect timing. 
So here is our challenge:

Upcoming Events

Small Group Leadership Training
Sawyer Higlands Church
Sawyer, MI

3/3 - 30
Pre-Field On-Line Training part 2

4/23 - 5/1
Pre-Field Training Classroom Training
for the whole family
Minneapolis, MN
Please continue to pray with and for us as we seek out partnership opportunities and open doors to share the gospel message and teach on missions.

If you are interested in joining with us, please check out our website at 
or just click here:


Can you partner with our family for $1 a day?
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