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Falling Into Place

Half Full

The glass is half full!  That's how we are looking at hitting our 50% mark.  Next stop 60%.  It's the small victories upon which we have to focus, otherwise the long road ahead seems so daunting.

Broken Vessels

In other news- we're normal...ish.  I am a working man, getting paid for my 8 to 5 labor, our kids are in a real public school again, we are consistently attending (the same) church.  From the outside, we are every bit your normal American family.  But what is normal, right?  
There is this strange brokenness that comes from living outside of your culture.  A change that once it happens, can never be undone.  And after having been broken in this way, you can never imagine even wanting to go back to the way things were.  But life goes on and you must continue to live and fit in as best you can.  From time to time I get a glimpse that maybe I could pull it off- resettling into normal American society and then it inevitably happens.  We were finally able to connect stateside with some friends from Kenya.  The same weekend we were glued to the news as terrorists killed men, women, and children and destroyed the shopping center in Nairobi where we used to take our own children to buy groceries only a few kilometers from where we used to live- our other home.  Or we receive an invitation to join a short term team to Haiti, where we were robbed two years ago this month- our other home.  And as strange as it may seem, I feel an incredible desire to go.  To return back to the calling that God gave so clearly to us years ago, regardless of what dangers may lie ahead.  Yet knowing that even if the worst should happen, God is in control.  To be honest, I feel like we are stuck here in the US. Waiting.  Waiting on God to open the next door.  But we have been here before and we have been on the other side of that door too.  And again, to be honest, I know that when I am on the other side of that door I will long to be right where I am today!  

Prayer Requests

  • Tammi's summer job has ended and she has started to substitute teach. Please pray for available positions for her.
  • Praise God that we met the 50% mark!
  • For a group of solid Christian friends for our kids.
  • For healing in Kenya and God's peace to cover our former teammates still living there.
  • Open doors to share and live out the gospel message wherever we are.

Upcoming Events

Sawyer Highlands Turkey Run Camping Trip
Pray for us as this will also mark the two year anniversary of our robbery.

Jeff's birthday

Emily's 15th birthday

Please continue to pray with and for us as we seek out partnership opportunities and open doors to share the gospel message and teach on missions.

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