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Hard Questions

One of the things I (Jeff) actually enjoy about what we are blessed with being able to do in ministry is the questions that people pose to us. I don't ever remember people asking us these questions before we became missionaries (whatever that means in people's minds), but there are some great questions that we get from time to time.  And many times they really challenge us to pause and give some introspection, and explanation, for the hope that we have in Christ.
Recently, during a Q&A session, we were prepped by our questioner with the caveat that we didn't have to answer if we didn't feel comfortable with what was about to be asked.  That type of preface is both terrifying and exhilarating to me, and as I braced myself for the worst, the question was asked, "Given [our] past experiences, how can we justify taking our family, especially our children, back into the mission field?" The simplest answer is obedience.  We have been called to "Go!".  And we choose to obey that call and "...know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
God calls us to follow Him, and Jesus has given us an example of what we can expect, in this life, from obeying His call.  There is no guarantee of safety or comfort.  In fact, the assurance that Jesus does give us is that the world will hate us, that we are being sent out as lambs among wolves, and that the devil is constantly prowling just outside looking for opportunities to devour us.  And depending on your end times theology, the bad news is that it's going to get way worse for believers before it will get better.
As an American, I believe we, as a people, have come to worship safety and security - whether in our military and police force or within our retirement, savings, investments, and insurance- so much so that we no longer seek to rely on God even for our daily bread.  And in this area I must confess that I am as guilty as anyone.  But God has continued to remove some of these barriers in our walk that have prevented us from relying on Him.  By removing these barriers, He has allowed (or forced) us to wholly lean on Him, and for this I feel truly blessed.  Is there still a draw to the safety and security that these things afford? Absolutely.  However, our truest security and safety comes not from the things of this world, but from knowing that we are solidly in God's will and in His hands.
The call to follow is seldom an easy one, as we are often times tasked with forsaking worldly and self-serving things.  We are called to sacrifice and lay down our lives for our friends.  And perhaps the scariest thing is that we are called to live life outside of our comfort zones and sometimes even our own culture, placing everything into God's hands.  And this, my friends, is the most secure place we can ever be!

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Wanted: PRAYER

  • Please pray that God will continue to open doors and opportunities to share about our mission work and to share the Gospel message.  If you would like a reminder to pray, you can print out a prayer card to post on your fridge HERE.
  • Please pray for our financial support.  We are still around 60% but have a lot of people and churches considering our requests.  We could really use some forward momentum.
  • Please pray for our kids as they return to school.
 Please continue to pray with and for us as we seek out partnership opportunities and open doors to share the gospel message and teach on missions.

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